May 142014

Question by : Give one reason why Darwin described the evolution of flowering plants as “an abominable mystery”?
Please. I need some help for tomorrow. If possible.

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Answer by Luma
Little is known about their evolution, I don’t imagine protoflowers being preserved well

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Mar 302013

Question by Icelandic: did you really learn about evolution in 5th grade?
i was in the smart classes and i remember learning about ancient egypt and accelerated math, but i never remember covering evolution until 10th grade.

p.s. i’m 20 so it wasn’t a significantly long time ago.

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Answer by Put on the Full Armor of God
Nope, I didn’t

Consider this

Mysteries In Science

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The Origin of Man by Dr. Duane Gish

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The “Dark Cloud” of the Big Bang

Why do creationists feel sorry for delusionists?

Today’s World Population Debunks Evolution- Dr. Carl Baugh

Creation In The 21st Century — Noah’s Ark and Jesus 1 of 3 (Parallel)

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May 092012

Question by chowchillaisforlosers l: how does evolution explain the first cell with all its complexity ?
In order for a cell to work , all of its parts has to be present at once therefore , it couldn’t of evolved because if one part of the process of a cell weren’t present that cell would fail.
A cell is pretty complex.
Sure we evolve but , as far as life evolving from a single cell that’s just crazy stupid. Atheists talk like a cell is so simple.(studies show that most people are average or below(Athiests)average I.Q.)

Explain consciousness.
Science says that most of our actions are unconscious and we don’t recognize them so the unconscious part of our brain is just our brain and not our consciousness so that means not all of our brain is consciousness just a certain area but , wait , that means that consciousness is no information because , information exist in the unconscious state so the therefore since our brains are information that means consciousness is not our brain.Or senses can’t sense consciousness . I think our consciousness decides the initiated choices to fire a neoron and , consciousness is self akwardly relative to other forms of existence in a different cartisian dualistic unperceivable aspect undetectable by reductionism parallel to cognitive perception of quantum physics.

Darwin would agree with me if he lived in this day in age with our advancements which he didn’t have.

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Answer by celticcraftz
If your mind is not too closed try looking at this…
It may help explain to you the origins of cells.

Athiest (with a 160 IQ)

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Sep 292011

Barbara Marx Hubbard explains how this moment of breakdown of so many systems on our planet is a prime opportunity in evolution’s history for our human species to consciously evolve.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Artist: King General & Bush Chemists Album: Broke Again Big Tune !
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Jan 292011

Question by ♥2323vsb: i really believe the world is going through spiritual evolution. we need to see that differences are OKAY.?
islam, christianity, buddhism, atheism, it’s all okay. why so much turmoil? even native american spirituality. earth religion, paganism, voodooism, were all seeking God. why can’t we get along?
i am a native american who was adopted and brought up christian. but i see beauty in all beliefs. why all the fighting. it’s okay to be different.
isn’t it?????by the way, Coldplay rocks.
atheists aren’t seeking God, but they believe in ‘something’. science isn’t seeking God either. but i believe science and God are integrated. is that okay?
i’m not saying , believe in one religion, but that we as humans are trying to get through this life as best as we think we can. i guess satanism would be okay if you really felt so.
i personaaly think people, plants bugs, animals, stars, and space are one. how can anyone argue that?

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Answer by elliot l
Atheists aren’t seeking god.
No, science and god are not integrated. They seek to explain the same concepts, but go about it in completely different and contradictory ways.
People, plants, bugs, animals and stars are one? What do you think that means? We’re all separate. We’re made of different things, we think different things, we are entirely different.

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Jan 282011

Question by Ben: Im a chrisitan and open minded and want to know the most compelling evidence there is for evolution?
I believe in God and i am a Christian, but with that faith i am not scared to believe the truth of science. Since the metaphysical cannot disprove the physical and physical cannot disprove the metaphysical. As a good open minded person i wanted to know what some of the most primitively compelling evidence is that support and evolutionary model?

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Answer by newf_volleyball
well natural selection doesn’t really disprove God anyway, there’s no contradiction in saying that He created the world in this way, allowing the progression of species to happen via nature, in fact it almost proves He did because it is all a very very orderly process, and the odds of it happening by chance are basically zero. The most compelling evidence of evolution is simply the natural selection of species over time, there isn’t much more to it than that. For examples, you can look at the finches that Darwin studied (which you can probably find all over the web) or for a simpler example, just think about bacteria becoming resistant a certain antibiotic: that is the evolution of a species right there.

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Jan 012011

Question by John (Thurb) McVey: Did human consciousness arise primarily from biological or cultural evolution?
Some scholars think language, gateway to complex communications and abstract thought, resulted from simple words and sentences being passed down culturally much as different bands of chimpanzees culturally transmit grooming behaviors. Others think evolution of the brain came directly from environmental pressures. A few crackpots (or are they?) , even scholars of the calibre of Julian Jaynes, think intelligence developed in a bicameral brain prior to true consciousness, and the right brain– repository of collective “wisdom”– directed behavior through hallucinatory “revelations”, accounting for Homeric Greeks having “visits” by Athena and other gods. Jaynes believed massive disasters led to a diverse refugee population for which the tribal gods’ traditional wisdom stored in the right parietal lobe had few answers, so consciousness unfolded in response to new dangers. Comments from fans of Jaynes, Gregg D. Jacobs, others? Any thought-out scholarly or amateur comments welcome.

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Answer by rjbeaner
I would say biological at first premiere, followed by cultural.

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