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Question by Geher: Why does my school teach the religion of evolution?
I moved to CA from TX and they don’t teach the bible, they teach evolution. Why would they do that to christians?

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Answer by Bryan Mills
In California we have something called standards.

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  1. Because they are Hellbound fools.

  2. I have read all of your question and I came up with a conclusion: you’re just another troll in the wall.

  3. evolution not a religion.
    and because you need to understand evolution to past final year tests in some classes as it is accepted as fact by everyone except religious fundies. give evolution a chance, you may be surprised

  4. Dont insult evolution or you will be Send to Integration class

  5. Look buddy, evolution isn’t like religion. It has been proven by the world’s most famous scientists for

    over 200 years. We have so much evidence of evolution, that it’s pretty much a fact. People will think

    you’re nuts if you don’t “believe” in evolution, because it’s like you don’t “believe” the Earth goes around

    the Sun.

  6. Because you are a dumb @ss…

  7. A religion is something you take on faith, without any evidence. Evolution is based entirely on observable evidence and is therefore not a religion. It’s a scientific study, which is why you’re learning it in school. I’m sure no one is stopping you from learning the Creation story in Sunday school or in your free time.

  8. “Fact = verifiably accurate data
    Law = statement which is always true under specific circumstances
    Hypothesis = testable, potentially falsifiable, explanation of facts/laws
    Theory = unifying framework explaining all of the above.”

    “All the available evidence from any source anywhere supports permits or aligns with evolution unanimously and exclusively… there is no factual evidence against evolution but if there was that would not be evidence for creationism.”

    “For evolution to be a fake the following conditions would have to be fulfilled:
    > Every university in the world would have to be in on the deception.
    > Every biologist would have to be a liar.
    > Every teacher of science would have to be in on it.
    > And most of the other sciences too.
    > The majority of drugs could NOT have been invented…
    > Nor would they work.
    And so on…”

    You believe you were created by an invisible desert psychopath 6000 years ago.
    Good onya mate.

  9. Perhaps school isn’t for you then… they teach many facts

  10. Here in California, we don’t use our public schools to impose anti-gay, anti-women, pro-bullying “religious beliefs” on students.

  11. Evolution is taught in Texas

  12. What has the book of Genesis got to do with Christianity anyway? The book was written 711 years before Christ, has nothing to do with the teachings of Jesus, and is just a story to try to explain the origin o the world, because there was no such thing as philosophy at the time.

    Evolution is not a religion. It is a theory that has been put to the test repeatedly by independent unbiased means, and found to be highly probable. As it is not 100% proveable, it will remain a theory, but 99% proveable seems good enough for most people…

    …as opposed to the story of creation, which contains talking snakes, several blunders which don’t work (God creating day & night before he created the earth & sun), and above all, is impossible to document in any way shape or form, because there was nobody around to actually witness God during th 6 days of creation.

    The story of Creation is not only unprovable, but it is implausable, and inaccurate.

    This whole Ceation vs. Evolution argument is dumb. Creationism is not Christian, it is part of Judaism, and even orthodox Jews are happy to accept that it is just a story.

    Wouldn’t Christianity be better off wasting their energy on doing something else, like being nice to people, not judging people & basically being better people, than protesting about what gets taught in schools?

  13. Evolution is based on a massive amount of evidence. It is science, not religion.

    Texas gave us George W. Bush.

    Does that explain something?


    @Actor, the purpose of science class is to teach science, not ancient myth.

    There is nothing healthy about creationism. Its promoters resort to lies in their attempts to convince ignorant lay people that evolution is false.

  14. they must be educated and the Bible is myth now you must be learn
    science, math

  15. because people these days just don’t care enough to give young people ALL healthy perspectives. they for whatever reason won’t include a substantial introduction to thoughts that will be useful for personal decision making, be it religion or science or morality or self control or anything else.

    probably its fear of those that disagree or desire for control. probably all well meaning, but inadequate, so far.

  16. Its called science, but that is something fundies have little awareness of.

  17. Because it is a religion, Evolution is an enabler for atheism. Evolution gives atheists a basis for explaining how life exists apart from a Creator God. Evolution denies the need for a God to be involved in the universe. Evolution is the “creation theory” for the religion of atheism. According to the Bible, the choice is clear. We can believe the Word of our omnipotent and omniscient God, or we can believe the illogically biased, “scientific” explanations of fools.

  18. Because the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is NOT a religion — it is a FACT of life.

    ALL the “mainline” denominations of Christianity and Judaism accept evolution as part of God’s creation, teach it as science in our private schools, and KNOW that Genesis is at BEST a metaphorical OUTLINE of creation unfolding. There is really no conflict between science and faith, EXCEPT for what you misguided people have been brainwashed into believing.

    The poor, sad, ignorant folks like you are mostly members of fundamentalist sects like the Southern Baptists, in the U.S. Bible belt where education is sub-par (like Texas for example), and members of fringe cults like the SDA; JW; and LDS, so obviously powers of discernment are suspect. You probably have NO idea what evolution actually is.
    Evolution IS: “the change in the frequency of alleles (gene pair/sequence on a chromosome) in populations of organisms over multiple generations.”
    Since these changes in gene frequency can be verified through genetics, GENETICS alone PROVES evolution is a FACT of life!

    The largest and oldest Christian denominations ALL accept evolution as PART of God’s creation and KNOW that Genesis 1 – 11 are ancient allegories.
    Even Paul reminds Christians in 1Corinthians to keep in mind the symbolism of the OT.
    Likewise, in Galatians 4:21-31 KJV, Paul treats the Genesis story of the sons of Abraham as an allegory. Augustine of Hippo (4th C) tells us to keep the symbolism and metaphor in mind when reading Genesis, as does Thomas Aquinas who tells us that scripture must always be in concert, not conflict with REALITY. Pope John Paul II recognizes evolution as one of the natural mechanisms God uses for creation and that Genesis is not meant to be read at face value.
    In addition, the famous Jewish rabbi, Maimonedes, told believers NOT to read scripture in a way that brings ridicule to faith. That when science proves something, scripture should be read in a way that does NOT conflict with scientific findings.
    In the Orthodox faith, Gregory of Nazianzus, remarked about Genesis:
    “these things figuratively indicate certain mysteries, the history having taken place in appearance, and not literally.” The Anglican/Episcopalian churches also accept a non-literal interpreatation of Genesis. According to the Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams: “For most of the history of Christianity there’s been an awareness that a belief that everything depends on the creative act of God, is quite compatible with a degree of uncertainty or latitude about how precisely that unfolds in creative time.”
    Likewise, the Lutherans and all the other mainstream denominations do.

    The Holy Bible is a SPIRITUAL guide and a history of the Jewish people, NOT a science textbook.

    EDIT: For all the geniuses who still don’t know what a SCIENTIFIC THEORY is:
    It is NOT a “guess” or an “unproven hypothesis”. All scientific Theories provide EXPLANATIONS FOR THE FACTS IN EVIDENCE.
    It’s the FIRST definition – here:
    Babbling about things you don’t know about only makes all Christians look backward and delusional.

    Here, if your not a member of a cult, then you should be allowed to research sources outside your own cult propaganda:




  19. Most of the world’s Christians accept evolution. Just accept that you come from a small narrow-minded community of Bible literalists and it’s a BIG world out here where creationists are laughed at

  20. because it’s not a religion it’s about as close to a fact you get in science, you’ve been misled

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