Mar 192014

Question by St. Toad: Which of these Spiritual Views is most accurate to you?
A. Reality is a canvas and each of us is a painter. The Divine conforms to the ideas we put out into the universe. As a result, all religious and spiritual ideas are true and valid.
B. Reality does not meet our expectations and we must discover what is true or false about our spiritual ideas.

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Answer by Gemma
A. Why? Because except for the “Divine” part, all of Choice A has already been proven by quantum physics. Every person literally and physically creates their reality with their thoughts and emotions. Without consciousness, there is no reality.

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Dec 102013

Question by : What character creeps you out the most in your favorite anime?
Creed totally creeps out in Black Cat with his obsession with Train! And Pride kinda creeps me out in Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood…so does Father.
What about you? And why?

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Answer by james
hitagi from bakemonogatari … crazy women >.< oh... and L from death note is a bit creepy

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Feb 022013

Question by genevieve s: What class would be most helpful for a neuropsychologist?
Next year I will be a senior, and do not know what science class I should take: AP Bio, AP Chem, or Physiology. I am interested in neuroscience/cognitive science/ psychology. Any suggestions to which would be more helpful?

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Answer by Frank

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Jan 132013

Question by Supply Side Jesus: What are the most mind boggling problems in current mathematics?
For example, in Physics we don’t know WHY the physical constants are what they are. We don’t know WHY gravity is an inherent property of all mass. We don’t know what came before the Big Bang, if anything, or even if that question makes sense. In Neuroscience we don’t even appear to be close to having either a workable conceptual or physical model of consciousness.

So, what are some similar mind boggling, unsolved problems in modern mathematics?

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Answer by Bruce lee
Is 0^0 undefined or 1 ?

Do odd perfect numbers exist ?

Are there infinitely many Fibonacci primes?

For more:

Hoope this helps
Feel free 2 email me if u have any more questions !!

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Dec 162012

Question by On the Narrow path: What would you say is the most disturbing aspect of islam?
the whole BELIEVE OR DIE!! thing bothers me, but so does the mandate that women are less than men, the thing about how you should slap them around, the fact that death is the mandated punishment for about 1,000 different things, the complete lack of forgiveness, the denial of any kind of human rights, but it goes on and on.

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Answer by zoooooom!!!
Women are powerless in their religion….well to be fair they are powerless in all the Abrahamic religions.

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Dec 112012

Question by [:: What is the most interesting thing to you about history?
to me, it is the American Revolution. We are watching a film about it right now and i love it! its called the Patriot. it has Mel Gibson in it and Heath Ledger.

what are some of your favorite things about History and what are some good movies to go with them? i loooove watching history movies.

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Answer by alanna159
I love that movie! I also like the American Revolution

But I think that my favorites are the Civil War, ancient Rome and ancient Egypt.

Doesn’t matter what about Rome and Egypt I love everything about them :)

Cant say i know any movies off the top of my head though SORRY!!!!

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Nov 302012

Question by .: What is the most primitive contemporary culture?
Thanks in advance
Stop being so politically correct. There are measurable degrees of primitiveness at some level. For example) without a doubt a native culture from deep in the Congo is more primitive than the Japanese culture.

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Answer by Duane
Wow, how ethnocentric. How do you define primitive? What qualities characterize primitve?

Response to additional details: Don’t tell me to stop being so politically correct. Stop asking a question that is completely relative to your sense of the word primitive. The people in the Congo are no more “primitive” than you or me. Their cultural development has evolved to suit their natural environment, which is drastically different than that of yours and mine. If a culture has no use for agricultural machinery, than why would they develop such a process? If grazing, hunting, gathering, and various horticulture (non-monocultured gardens that is) continuously provides exemplary results in the eyes of the participant, why submit to colonialism? Conversely, I gurantee that their knowledge of the flora and fauna of their respective indigenous region is grossly more expansive than ours. So, primitive in one sense, advanced in another. Your inability to grasp cultural relativism is blocking your understanding of indigenous existance.

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Nov 052012

Question by DeepThoughts: Which field of study do you think has the most potential in helping humanity?
The fields of study that I think have quite a bit of potential would be:
– Space science
– Life sciences
– Chemistry
– Physics
– Computer sciences
– Systems science
– Engineering
– Health science
The effect of advances in some of these fields are pretty obvious (electronics developed by a combination of some of these fields, better overall human health caused by a combination of some of these fields, etc.), but some haven’t really contributed much, not yet at least. Which field of study do you think has the most potential to help humanity. It does not have to be one of the ones on the list. Thanks.

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Answer by Julisamarquez89
Depends on how you want to help it. Maybe sociology.

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Oct 112012

Question by CryingKidsDotCom: Harry Potter the most underdeveloped/dull character in the series?
Harry Potter is commonly loved by young and old because of the love and adventure/fantasy brought into the books and the high budget well written movies as well but no one seems to notice how dull the character Harry Potter really is. I mean come on he never really shows any true emotion except seeming upset or angry at points but he is so over rated, not the books or movies but how great he is/ He isnt that selfless either. Yeah his parents sacrifed themselves for him and he pretty much sacrificed himself in the last one but there was no emotion in it, he never showed he was upset to die but the reward of saving his friends and family was what motivated him and everyone praising him for not really doing anything. And the first 3-4 books were like mystery/detective books in a wizerdy world you cant deny that then it gets all heavy into horcruxes which I don’t think was originally planned and they through that into the mix and try to make Harry look so self ritious but in the end is really the least exciting character, he’s always so flat and dull and it just bores me. I love the movies and love the story’s but I just wish people would acknowledged this.
And a lot of his actions are unrealistic to the situation and as for his feelings toward his family treating him awful, he never really reacted to it or showed reaction other than singing happy birthday to himself or talking to hedwig.
@RKL88 you’re naming of all the things he’s done and not his motivation or characteristics/emotion. I could say I took a shit and think nothing of it as you said he is so exciting because he defeated the dark lord instead of saying why or what led him to that point.

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Answer by Leah
I understand where you’re coming from, his character ultimately IS dull. But I don’t think Harry was that unemotional. Think about it, you’re parents died and the family that you’ve been living with hates the living shit out of you…I mean…what are you supposed to feel?

It’s not like his main goal in life was to be praised, it’s just that he did what he had to do to save the ones that he truly valued in his life. In my point of view, the reason why Harry wasn’t upset about dying was because his loved ones were in danger and he still knew that the only way to save his friends was for him to succeed. I believe that that’s selflessness, a trait Harry had learned to develop over the books.

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Aug 122012

Question by Mother G: I’m working on a “toy” car for 8th grade science (physics) What gear ratio would be the most ideal?
I tried 5:1, 25:1, 75:1 and others. NOW I JUST WANT SOME DAMN HELP SO I CAN GET A GOOD GRADE ON THIS PROJECT lol. okay…how does she expect us to learn what ratio works when there are like 400,000,000 to try. It would be nice if someone could just tell me what’s best for a ratio and why, isnt that all that really matters. I mean gosh…

Best answer:

Answer by huippi
There is no universal “best ratio”. You have to use different ratios for different projects. If your motor has high rotation speed but it doesn’t have much torque (it has more torque if it harder to stop using hands) you could use higher ratios likes 50:1 (when motor rotates 50 times wheels rotate only once), but if your motor has high torque but low speed you could use lower ratios, even 1:1 over 0.5:1.

You could also measure speed of your car and then grade few ratios or measure how fast your can climb steep hill and then rate all ratios. The last test would maybe produce more useful gear ratio for general use but it always depends how you will use your car.

I am confident that if you will make both tests, plot your measurements and then make your choice based on those measurements you will get good grade.

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