Mar 302013

Question by Icelandic: did you really learn about evolution in 5th grade?
i was in the smart classes and i remember learning about ancient egypt and accelerated math, but i never remember covering evolution until 10th grade.

p.s. i’m 20 so it wasn’t a significantly long time ago.

Best answer:

Answer by Put on the Full Armor of God
Nope, I didn’t

Consider this

Mysteries In Science

The Young Age of the Earth

The Origin of Man by Dr. Duane Gish

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Neanderthals – Smarter Than We Thought

Creation In The 21st Century – Our Young Moon 1 of 3

The “Dark Cloud” of the Big Bang

Why do creationists feel sorry for delusionists?

Today’s World Population Debunks Evolution- Dr. Carl Baugh

Creation In The 21st Century — Noah’s Ark and Jesus 1 of 3 (Parallel)

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