Jun 242014

Question by jkelly_21: Have any males used Mystic Tan? Does it look real? What about leg hair, does that prevent it from working?

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Answer by Dr Universe
i did but i found getting a natural tan was better

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Jun 022014

Question by Deni: Rank these college science classes from the easiest?
Rank from 1-10 easiest to hardest or rank them in which order I should take them in college or both. Thanks!

Biological Sciences
Food Science
Health Science
Process Biology
Science Education

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Answer by h2so4@MOZHIARASU
the easiest is upto you!!! according to me
1. Biological sciences
2. Microbiology
3. Process biology
4. Biochemisty
5. Chemistry
6. Process biology
7. zoology
8. Halth scince
10. Food science

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May 282014

Question by Jupiter: Where did our consciousness come from?
Was consciousness always a part of human life or did we gain it later on through human evolution?

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Answer by Daniel
I would think we gained it through evolution.

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May 172014

Question by Think different: Where does the so call spirit get it’s consciousness from?
Living things get consciousness from their brains. How do non conscious entities manage such and for that matter memories or recall of any kind?

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Answer by Lionel1020
Man’s imagination…The same place ALL religion comes from

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Apr 212014

Question by : Is it hard to switch majors from different subject areas?
Hey there, my intended major in college, which I start the coming fall, is Political Science. I don’t know if I am going to drop it, but I want to include neuroscience. They are both part of the Liberal Arts and Sciences College in my university. So is it hard to switch or add majors from different subject areas or no? I have taken AP Bio, AP Gov, AP Calc, AP English Lang, and AP World History by the way.

Best answer:

Answer by SouthernGrace
No it is not hard..but depending on how many hours you have already put in I wouldn’t suggest it.

I switched from being a nurse to a teacher and all of my classes I took towards nursing didn’t help me at all towards a teaching degree so now I am very much behind in college…it added another year and a half onto my graduation date.

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Mar 302014

Question by Theodore Macmahon: What’s this kids mystery pc game from the 90′s that you would wipe a board & get the…?
…secret message clue in big mansion?
That wasn’t the only way to get clues, there were lots of little games. We played it in english class so I think it had word games mostly. I think I remember a mad scientist in a tower and a ghost maybe. Please help!

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Answer by guenndu
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Mar 022014

Question by : Is alchemy real? Like from Fullmetal Alchemist..?
I’ve recently been really into the Fullmetal Alchemist anime.. And I just finished the series.

Is there any way that alchemy is real? Like I feel this is a really stupid question.. but witchcraft and those things are real.. So couldn’t alchemy be real too?

I have no interest in trying to use it or anything.. I’m a Christian.. I was just wondering.

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Answer by duhnny
who told you “witchcraft and those things are real”?

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Jan 292014

Question by Soshi Uso: What anime is different from its manga counterpart?
I’m talking about rather major changes.
For instance: Bleach has its filler arcs, but remains faithful to the manga all the same.

However, Full Metal Alchemist split off completely and introduced new characters, ultimately ending long before the manga and in (likely) a completely different fashion.

If the anime just left information out of the manga, that’s not worth mentioning (too many series do that). I’m looking more for new things appearing in the anime.

Best answer:

Answer by ~Nerdielicious ^_^x~
Well, Rurouni Kenshin is one.

Instead of going to the BEST part, where we see the awesome death scene’s and life of Kenshin’s past, we get fillers!
….Yay us!


And, if anyone has heard of Tenchi Muyo OVA’s, there is a manga. Written and drawn BEFORE the 3rd OVA came out.

The manga is amazing.
The 3rd OVA is PURE…

Crap. ^_^”

And obviously Death Note..
And don’t get me started on Inuyasha..

Alot of people dislike Inuyasha because they just think.. meh, its overrated, they hate Kagome, hate Kikyo, Naraku sucks, Inuyasha sucks, blah blah..

Well, In the manga, the characters have different personalities, believe it or not.
Well, to me, they do. They seem tougher and more serious, and kick a** in the manga then the anime.

So, making the TV show so cheesy and CRAPPY, they think Inuyasha.. sucks.


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Dec 142013

Question by : Where does the tradition of the Christmas tree come from? ?
I’ve alway wondered the history and tradition of having a tree in your house with lights and decorations. Does anyone know the origins of the Christmas tree.

Best answer:

Answer by Rebekah Shields

Origins of the Christmas Tree:
Pagan traditions: Many Pagan cultures used to cut boughs of evergreen trees in December, move them into the home or temple, and decorate them. 7 Modern-day Pagans still do. This was to recognize the winter solstice — the time of the year that had the shortest daylight hours, and longest night of the year. This occurs annually sometime between DEC-20 to 23: most often DEC-21. They noticed that the days were gradually getting shorter; many feared that the sun would eventually disappear forever, and everyone would freeze. But, even though deciduous trees, bushes, and crops died or hibernated for the winter, the evergreen trees remained green. They seemed to have magical powers that enabled them to withstand the rigors of winter.

Not having evergreen trees, the ancient Egyptians considered the palm tree to symbolize resurrection. They decorated their homes with its branches during the winter solstice. 3

“The first decorating of an evergreen tree began with the heathen Greeks and their worship of their god Adonia, who allegedly was brought back to life by the serpent Aessulapius after having been slain.” 5

The ancient Pagan Romans decorated their “trees with bits of metal and replicas of their god, Bacchus [a fertility god]. They also placed 12 candles on the tree in honor of their sun god” 2 Their mid-winter festival of Saturnalia started on DEC-17 and often lasted until a few days after the Solstice.

In Northern Europe, the ancient Germanic people tied fruit and attached candles to evergreen tree branches, in honor of their god Woden. Trees were viewed as symbolizing eternal life. This is the deity after which Wednesday was named. The trees joined holly, mistletoe, the wassail bowl and the Yule log as symbols of the season. All predated Christianity. 5

All of this information can be found in the Encyclopedia. Why take someones opinion when there are facts, and proof. Just takes a little research.

I came up with this site by just going to google and typeing in the origin of the christmas tree.
People with an open mind will look into all view points. Scholars view points, religious view points. And decide for yourself.
Good for you to be interested enough to look into it and ask questions instead of blindly following others.

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