Sep 202013

Question by Sachin – Ready Made: How did Science itself come into existence without the need of a supernatural power?
God should be the Master of Science or else how could the physics laws, mathematical equations, chemical reactions, biological processes come into existence.

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Answer by LoveThyGod
He is the master of you and that’s all that matters.

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May 152013

Question by blacqmath: What is the strongest mix of power up techniques in Dragonball?
Hypothetically, who has the potential to become the strongest character in Dragon ball using as many power enhancing techniques as you can? For example: A mix of Golden Great Ape, Majin, mystic saiyan, fusion, Potara earring, Kaioken, SSJ4, Oozaru, etc.

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Answer by Goku VS Naruto
the best will be if gogeta fused with omega shenron that will be the powerful guy ever seen and Goku is the strongest guy alone

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May 122013

Question by Dylan P: Where can I watch Power Rangers Mystic Force Episodes?
I have been looking forever to find these episodes because i LOVE mystic force so where can i?????????????????????????????

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Answer by Humaira. J.T fan
youtube has them
i watched them on dvd with my little cousin as well

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Sep 172012

Question by Ha ha ha!: Where did the idea that crystals have some kind of mystic power come from?
I mean, yeah, they’re shiny, they’ve got some pretty neat geometrical features, and they’re rare, but does that really have any bearing on how well your day will go or how fast the cut you placed the stone next to will heal? The whole thing seems patently ridiculous to me and I’m surprised that people believe it without questioning it.

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Answer by Bong Hits 4 Jesus
Probably Nevada

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Feb 162012
by www78

Question by Dylan P: What is the name of the power rangers mystic force episode when the underworld rose up?
I really want to see that episode again because i hear its awesome!!!!!!!

Best answer:

Answer by Alicia R
power rangers there is not even 1 good episode what will make this one any better

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Dec 302011

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Dec 242011

Question by Toivo L: Why would power to a circuit be interrupted when screwing in a light bulb?
I recently had the light fixture off to painting a ceiling. I accidentally hit the wires together and caused a pop and spark, but it did not trip the circuit breaker. When I re-installed the fixture it no longer worked. I use a voltage detector and there is power flowing into the box, but when I screw in a light bulb, there no longer is any power flowing in.

What could cause this and how could I detect and fix it?
We have tried two different fixtures, so we know the fixture is ok. We have also tried multiple bulbs.

Best answer:

Answer by Ralfcoder
You may have:

damaged the fixture

broke the filament in the light bulb

reconnected everything incorrectly.

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