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Question by Kemo: What is consciousness and what is reality? Is awareness the origin of perception, or the origin of existence?
Mystics like Jesus, Buddha, and Lao Tzu, as well as modern physics, seem to state that everything in existence is simply the motion of energy at different levels relative to each other, all being part of the whole. However, one pervading concept endures: the awareness of awareness, consciousness. Is this phenomenon the root of existence, or merely an effect of it? Why is everything in motion, if that is the case, instead of being at rest and therefore non-relational, or absolute (Nothingness)? Is reality the result of awareness, or is awareness the result of reality?

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Answer by Aria
Awareness cannot exist without reality or existence. They are certainly intertwined, as awareness manifests itself at the very moment the existence has been created.

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  1. Consciousness is created from information, information is created from consciousness. It is a Mobius strip (infinite loop) which creates existence as we know it.

  2. Our perception is what distorts reality. Awareness and reality go hand in hand. There cannot be one without the other, like space and time. Reality can only be experienced by our awareness of it. The mind twists our perception to conform with our pre-conceived ideas and beliefs about what reality is. True reality can only be experienced through letting go of our senses and thoughts and seeing it with pure consciousness.

  3. Reality is a result of awareness and movement. First there was god. There was nothing in our reality. He moved (maybe his awareness). As movement began, there was a starting point for creation. As it stopped, now there was a point a and a point b ( thus a measurement of creation began). I forget the exact movements that were next (find them in the flower of life studies). Thus began the scared movements that were in a geometric fashion that created our reality.

    It seems that our reality is based on vibrations and frequency and we are “tuned” to be aware of only things in our reality. Through meditation we can be aware or tune (like changing tv channels) to other realities.

    Everything we see (man made items) had to be a thought first, then created. Thus awareness played a part in it’s creation. Oddly enough our awareness can almost manifest creations in our reality now. It can certainly bring choices to our reality that allow us to be aware of how our thoughts have a part in our created reality.
    Like a puddle of mercury that gets splattered and yet comes back to the source so is the way of consciousness. We really are All As One.

  4. Awareness is the result of perception. Reality is that which we percieve. Hence persception is the basic phenomenon. If you deny the validity of perception then the question of “what is reality” is undecidable.

    Yes, I’m quite aware of Descarte’s views but I happen to disagree with the idea that “reality” is an illusion.

  5. To begin with, here is Bashar to explain what the limited mind does:

    Bashar The 3 Aspects of YOU.mp4 –

    Just to be clear, I equate “God” (some are allergic to the word) with “Source” or “Cosmic Consciousness” or “Infinite” or “Life” or “Reality”. This is a brief quoted explanation by MacDonald-Bayne: “The human brain cannot comprehend the immensity of the Infinite, and never will, because if the human brain could comprehend the Infinite, the Infinite would become human, and therefore would be relative. The “truth” that you can perceive is only in your imagination, an idea, a sensation, whereas Truth is none of these things. It is useless trying to force your mind to comprehend something that is beyond it. LIFE IS. It does not have to be — IT IS. YOU ARE IT, yet you cannot comprehend it with your mind, but only know that you are. … You have the power of reason, but your reasoning power is unable to grasp the whole truth. Yet the Truth does not run contrary to your reason, but goes beyond it. … Trying to find your real Self outside yourself is like trying to catch your own shadow. Be still, know your real Self to be yourself, and you will find that Self. … You cannot define Reality; there is nothing in or out of mind to compare it with. It is beyond all things seen or heard. Let your self-consciousness be expansive; be aware of it as the whole, and the “I” loses itself — the “I” no longer arises. Then the true Intelligence transforms the nature and a spiritual world is seen before your eyes. … If you try to find the Truth in the world of form and phenomena you will fail. ”

    [end quote]

    Yes, Cosmic Consciousness is the “Source” out of which all is manifested, seen and unseen.


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