Oct 222013

Question by Marli H: how do i get my black hair to be purple from dying it using manic panic?
ok, so i just bought this semi-perm. hair color called Mystic Heather from manic panic and i have black hair..and i was wondering how would i get it to turn out SUPER purple bkuzz i have super asian hair?

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Answer by girlwholoveslisteningtomusic
u have to bleach ur hair..

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Aug 242012

Question by Simon Peter: Difference between “white” magic and “black” magic? Please comment on quote below?
The question was posted recently and I couldn’t find it later to respond. For anyone who responded that there’s a difference, that “black” magic is Satanic, while white magic is not, what you would say to the following?

Direct quote from Anton Lavey (founder of the church of Satan) in “The Satanic Bible”:

“There is no difference between “white” and “black” magic, except in the smug hypocrisy, guilt-ridden righteousness and self-deceit of the “white” magician himself.”

Lavey reiterates this many times, having researched the roots of all these things. He’s also made statements regarding neither being from God, so these powers can only come from one other source. Christians agree.

Also, in tracing the roots of these and all related religions/magic/religious philosophies (including New Age) to their genesis, we find they all sprung from ancient mystery religions, esp. Egyptian & Babylonian.

According to Apostle Paul in 2 Cor. 11: 3, 4, all such are deception from Satan.

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Answer by problem
I think there is a difference between white magic and black. A big one. white magic has nothing to do with Satan.

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Jul 012012

Question by reaza: Steve Biko and the idea of Black Consciousness in South Africa?
Can anyone please explain to me in possibly simple terms what Steve Biko’s idea of “black consciousness” in South Africa during Apartheid meant?

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Answer by The Accomplice
“Biko, strongly influenced by the writings of Lembede and by the Black Power movement in the United States, argued that Africans had to run their own organizations; they could not rely on white liberals because such people would always ally in the last resort with other whites rather than with blacks. He argued that blacks o ften oppressed themselves by accepting the second-class status accorded them by the apartheid system, and he stressed that they had to liberate themselves mentally as well as physically.”

It’s amazing that even though Google is popular, people still don’t know how to fucking use it. Jesus…

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Jan 202012

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Jan 112012

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Dec 272011

Question by jimmy: Call of Duty Black Ops: 4 multiplayer maps code?
So any way my local ebgames was all out of the hardened and presage edition of black ops so I had to go with the standard edition witch mind me I am throughly happy with it but I really want the old zombie maps and want one of those codes? Where can I get one, money in no object thx

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Answer by DeathHorse52
buy a code off ebay from someone who didnt use it

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