Aug 292013

Question by carly_jepson_rocks: Please help I need to write a report for health class?
I need to write a report for health class. I can write about anything as long as its health related. I’ve searched the internet for ideas but I just don’t know what to write about. Does anyone have any ideas? If you do have any ideas please tell me where I can find information on the internet.
When I was in 8th grade I wrote about how certain household products are known to cause cancer. It was a little controversal but I got an A+. Please let me know if you have any ideas.
Where did you find that?

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Answer by Devon
Honey not being fed to babies. I did a search – there is info.

P.S. I put “Honey not being fed to kids.” as my search topic
in yahoo.

Here is one:

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Jan 302012

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Dec 032011

Question by Kurupt: What would be an example of mental health and emotional health?
I’m doing this health project at home which required me to include a picture for each of the six parts of health. I don’t know what to put on mental or emotional. It would be grateful for some pictures or some examples.

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Answer by CC
emotional would be a girl getting dumped by her boyfriend.. and mental would be some one seeing things

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Nov 302011

Question by Chrystina L: What are some websites/books for mental health specialist skills?
I am applying for a mental health specialist trainee position, and they are going to test me on mental health specialist concepts, interviewing, and interpersonal relations. I just wanted to know some good websites, and/or books that can help me.

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Answer by nnik
any college bookstore. :D

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Nov 282011

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Nov 282011

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