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This is the final floor of the dungeon and it basically consists of a series of random fights with high level enemies followed by a confrontation with Werdna (developer Andrew Greenberg’s name spelled backwards) himself. Werdna needs to be silenced as quickly as possible so that he doesn’t get to cast too many Tiltowaits. The party’s own Tiltowaits and Maliktos work well against the wizard’s Vampire friends and may occasionally even do some damage to Werdna himself. His spell resistance is obviously quite high, but I’ve found that Lakanito is usually worth a try. After the battle is finished the party teleports back to the town and are rewarded for their glorious victory with lots of XP and gold. The party is then free to continue grinding after the end of the game before transfering their characters to Wizardry 2.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  11 Responses to “Let’s Play Wizardry 1, Part #11 – Trebor Sux (End Game)”

  1. It’s trippy seeing the game like this. I’ve only ever played this game in PC version. I played it in the original version on my brother’s IBM PC back in the day and I’ve played it on newer PCs when they released the Wizardry Archives.

  2. I haven’t played the NES version myself but, yes, the Super Famicom version is definitely the easiest in general. Although, if I remember correctly Werdna CAN be quite the Tiltowait spammer if he feels like it (I think I replayed this boss fight several times before being able to record a successful outcome).

  3. I’ve beaten the NES version of Wizardry I last night and noticed a couple things that make the Super Famicom version much easier than the NES or PC/Apple ][e versions:

    1) Werdna doesn’t seem to spam Tiltowait in the SNES version like he did in the NES version. and..

    2) ASCII Entertainment (AKA Nexoft), seemed to have nerfed Werdna’s magical resistances, as it only took 4 castings of Montino to silence him.

  4. This Let’s Play is pretty awesome. I was never good at Wizardry as a kid, but something always calls me back to it. Games like this and rogue-likes always interest me since they are pretty challenging.

    I really like that fact that in the beginning you are marauding around with your ridiculous walking sounds (like x-com soldiers) murdering creature, ghost, and humans a like for no real reason.

  5. I have it on reg Nintendo.

  6. No, it took me a lot more than 2 hours (I don’t quite remember, but probably around 12 hours). I don’t know which version of Wizardry 1 you played, but this SNES port is probably the easiest one by far. The original Apple and DOS versions are much more challenging.

  7. So it took you around 2 hours to beat the game? I have an old game sitting around somewhere that has lvl 25 characters on it and I still haven’t killed werdna, course I haven’t tried either.

  8. No, there won’t be any new LP from me anytime soon; I’m too busy with my new modded PS2 (which is retro gaming too in a way, I guess…).

  9. not much of an ending ya know, i had expected more animations and whatnot as this is a remake :)

    but congrats on beating the game, will you do Wizardry II next?

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