Jun 032014

Question by Sunny D: How did the ancient mystics know about everything we are learning about today?
When it comes to today’s scientific discoveries of consciousness, non-locality, you name it, how did the ancient mystics, specifically the Hindu and Buddhist ones, know about this already? They obviously didn’t know quantum physics. Did they get help from aliens? Or does meditation just teach you all this somehow? Theories?

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Answer by Tim
luck guess.

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Mar 052014

Question by Heart’s Eye: Non muslim mystics? what is their belief?
muslim mysticism is Sufism

but what about non muslim mystics?

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Answer by Bernard
Do you mean like David Copperfield?

I like the one where he saws the woman in half. When it comes to sawing a woman in half he does a great job. It should be on his CV!

He’s like an American Paul Daniels.

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Dec 082013

Question by Christopher Shepherd: How do I become One with God: Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hinduism, All Mystics?
I mean in the sense of how Jesuah became the Christ ( not the man but what he became after dyyng to spend eternity with God). He was aborbed into the universe becoming the light and all power was given to him.

This question is mostly for mystics not religionist, but all are welcome.

To be quite honest I want this universe to end, and the only way for that to happen is for everything to be absorbed back into its source, or else all will continue dying and coming back to life ( since nothing can ever die, and the spark of life will being back everything from the depths.) I am sick of this game and sick of how ignorant Satan/Lucifer/Reptilian are with the belief you can destroy the universe.. It is utterly retarded since you cannot destroy life. If you burn and destroy all with in the earth, within a couple of 10,000 years we will have an ice age, the ice will melt, and everything will be the way it was before. Trying to destroy the universe is retarded and a waste of time. I am sixk of it.

I figure if I am aborbed into God including space ams time the universe will end for me and I will be one with God—-to kick back and enjoy the show while actively participating and dping what I want.

So basically, How do I become one with the universe, the universal forces, and ultimately the light of God who is the Christ? Ultimately I am not refering to Jesus but my own version.

I have my own theories and I want to actively debate and cpnverse with your answers.
@Love one another: You know I agree. Satan is weaker than Christ and he knows he ia going to loose. It is really retarded. He knows he cannot beat God. Love is the way because it makes us more kike God- long suffering, kindness, gentleness, etc. I will do my best to not concern myself with that reatrded Reptilian and his equally retardes followers who will burn in Hell for eternity. However, I believw tgis is a way tovsave thwm and everyone on this earth. The hard part is not loosing yourself in enemy territory.

@ :Meditation is a good idea
@ Awaken: I will look up that information. Philosophy is a bit of my apecialty.

@ A Friend: Dont you have anything else to EVER say?

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Answer by vmcm
My belief is that to know God, you need Jesus Christ.

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Oct 162012

Question by Corey: Could some mystics answer this?
I know we can immerse ourself in experience, which is fine. I know we can try to understand concepts relating to the vibrational states and trying to undertsand the workings of god. I know we can appreciate beauty and take it with us. I can understand these things and their spiritual implications. But what does it mean to study the actualy physics here, the sciences here. How does that carry over..Sorry I’m new to this stuff. If I had to guess it seems, like we are understanding the creator, but now we are understanding we are a creator. Does the science stuff give us added ability to solidify the worlds we will manifest, and add the extra layers to give it more stability for others to inhabity?
inhabit* sry

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Oct 152012

Question by Citizen Of The Cosmos: If you have a religious tradition, how do you feel about the mystics of that tradition?

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Answer by enamel
Unfortunately most, if not all, religions contain forms of tradition. Tradition in and of itself is not necessarily bad unless it contradicts the commands of God. People hold fast to their traditions and will fight tooth and nail if they are tred upon. Good question and one that requires much thought.

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Sep 142012
by grsing

Question by : Do you agree, as the mystics hold, that there’s no “time” as we know it, but only “now”?

Oh, what I meant was there’s no “past and future” but only the eternal moment of “now.”

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Answer by Vanity
Yes…but that was no secret and certainly not magic.

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Sep 012012
by grsing

Question by 2nd In Command to David: mystics, pagans, or eastern religioners, how do you believe that Jesus became one with God?
Or whatever you consider His source was. How did He tap into that power to be able to do miracles?
I always find it hillarious that some pagans think the ONE Christian God doesn’t exist, but their 3000+ do. lol
see, observe existence’s answer and learn something. lol

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Answer by Kjelstad 3.0
I’m pretty sure they don’t

Believing that BS makes you Christian.

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