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Question by Black: Meditation is witnessing your thought process and the one who is witnessing is called your consciousness?
but what if there is no separate consciousness that is witnessing arising and passing of thoughts, what if one part of brain is watching other parts of brain thinking ….there is part of brain called frontal lobe where our self awareness takes place how can any one be sure that it’s consciousness and not the frontal lobe watching thoughts taking place , maybe there is no separate consciousness but brain thinking and brain watching itself think

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Answer by Don H
There is no separate consciousness, only individuated aspects of the one consciousness that seem to be separate.

Your brain is an amazing organ it controls our muscles, respiration, pulmonary function and a host of other lesser known functions, but it does not think.

Thought is a function of consciousness/mind that exists independent of anything physical. What appears to be the brain thinking in brain function imaging and other brain measuring attempts is only blood flow being measured to the part of the brain that acts as an interface between the mind and the body. This is the secondary function of the brain after regulating bodily functions. It acts as the interface, or the mind body connection.

Without it there would be no way for the nonphysical mind to exert any control over the physical body.
It is interesting that science has done its best to overlook this fact for so long. The silly idea that thought is some magical function of some mysterious electrochemical reaction is so vague as to be hilarious. There are several ways to disprove this theory beyond any shadow of a doubt.

Being nonphysical in source your mind/consciousness is in no way effected by the death of the body and loss of the mind body interface, or brain.

Love and blessings.

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Sep 122013

Question by Me: Why it is that awareness can transcend the relative in meditation and consciousness can’t?
I understand that awareness absorbs the qualities of the absolute field of existence and returns them to the mediator but why cannot consciousness transcend and witness the experience?
Monk, thank you. I remember you now, when I was new in the Zen Mountain Monastery you had given a talk on transcendence and the laws of Karma. Could you consider giving me some guidance when the timing is right?
Philosophyangel, is it possible you got things mixed up a bit. Awareness and consciousness are inter dependent but are entirely different entities in their own right.
Lucid dreaming is a lesser degree of the dreaming sleep state. You could study Cosmic Consciousness, the fourth state of consciousness available to all. It remains awake in all three states of wakening, dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness; all inclusive. Three higher states of consciousness are also possible.
The three guans of Nature can only give direction to consciousness not awareness. Thank you for answering.

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Answer by River Euphrates
If it could, it wouldn’t be consciousness.

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Jan 142012

Question by jBl: What are the exact benefits of doing meditation?
I’m 20 and in college. My concentration power is poor for which I am struggling in my studies. So I really want to improve my concentration. Secondly I really want to go and talk with a girl who is one year my junior in my college but is lacking the courage to do so at present. Can these problems be solved my meditation?

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Answer by ndelrosario001
The effectiveness of meditation comes from the fact that one can achieve a state of deep relaxation in just a few minutes. When we settle down into a state of deep relaxation, the body and mind are refreshed and revitalized. This gives us many good effects that are both immediate and long lasting.Health Benefits of Regular Meditation Include:
•Lower Blood Pressure
•Better Sleep
•Less Anxiety
•Faster healing
•Decreased substance abuse
•Lower Cholesterol
•Stronger Immune Response

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Jan 132012

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Jan 112012

Question by Dr. Jazz ♥♥ Eνιl Aтнєιѕтs ♥♥: Would you attend a Buddhist meditation service if it had free weed?
Buddha once spoke of the Bowl of Jade. In Oriental cultures the relaxing effects of thc have been noted as compatible with an understanding of meditation and nature.

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Answer by Joy of Jesus
Nope, a lot of false prophets and sinners will be there, so nope.

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