Jun 212014

Question by Kemo: What is consciousness and what is reality? Is awareness the origin of perception, or the origin of existence?
Mystics like Jesus, Buddha, and Lao Tzu, as well as modern physics, seem to state that everything in existence is simply the motion of energy at different levels relative to each other, all being part of the whole. However, one pervading concept endures: the awareness of awareness, consciousness. Is this phenomenon the root of existence, or merely an effect of it? Why is everything in motion, if that is the case, instead of being at rest and therefore non-relational, or absolute (Nothingness)? Is reality the result of awareness, or is awareness the result of reality?

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Answer by Aria
Awareness cannot exist without reality or existence. They are certainly intertwined, as awareness manifests itself at the very moment the existence has been created.

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Jan 082014

Question by The Godfather: What’s the different between mind, consciousness, awareness, cognition?
When philosophers and scientist talk about mental stuff, what’s the difference between mind, consciousness, awareness, and cognition?

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Answer by love dolly
awareness” is also used to describe the kind of “knowing” that comes from the use of the thinking mind when trying to solve problems or figure out what’s going on…such as “I am now aware that when I say these words in this way, many people in this group may be offended by how I have expressed myself.” In that sense, “awareness” is “coming to an understanding” of something that isn’t stated outright, OR that you cannot understand because of the limits of your perceptual abilities, due to your prejudices, blind spots, lack of knowledge and information, the miscommunication of others, etc. But it’s directly related to the world of the 5 senses and is a product of our mental processes…thinking.

•Mind is the aspect of intellect and consciousness experienced as combinations of thought, perception, memory, emotion, will, and imagination, including all unconscious cognitive processes.

Conscious: a quality of the mental life of the ego. The ego uses consciousness to manage reality, which includes allowing pleasurable id gratifications that don’t collide with everyday demands or provoke the “thou shalt not”s of the superego.
Counter-transference: the therapist’s transference projections–in other words, enactment of old conflicts from the family of origin–onto the patient. Example: when “Anna O” (Bertha Pappenheim) fell in love with Freud’s partner Josef Breuer, he fled because the situation aroused intolerable emotions in him. (For an example of Freud’s countertransference, see his Dora paper.) The meaning of countertransference has broadened since Freud’s time to include all the therapist’s reactions toward the patient.

cognitive- a term that describes the process people use for remembering, reasoning, understanding, and using judgment

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Nov 172013

Question by Sarah: how does an american childhood break the surface of awareness, how the nature of consciousness changes?
i need help! for my english class we have to do a creative project for annie dillard’s book, an american childhood. i need to find passages, examples,details,incidents,etc. that go with the thread breaking the surface of awareness, how the nature of consciousness changes. please, please, please help.

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Answer by bluestar
If the project is creative, then you have to be creative in your presentation. You might create a metaphor of a seed growing into a tree, and display charts that show the growth of the main characters. Well, I am not familiar with the book, but I can surely pull together a creative project and sell it. It is done with brain storming and organizing thoughts. Another metaphor could be of birth, the womb,and then the growth, and then the birth out into the world. But maybe that would be too much for your class. To be creative, some things are charts, portfolios, games, agree/disagree discussion sheets, breaking the class into groups, hand outs, power point programs, using the overhead projector, acting very excited, then, writing a quiz and testing them on what they learned. Then, you thank them and leave the stage. Color is considered creative. If it is just a short project, no sweat, just find the passages and make your song or poem or charts or clay figures or illustrative metaphor and have some fun showing your creativity. Look at the class for eye contact, smile, and bring out the main points. The idea probably is that your presentation will take the place of their having to read it. How fun. Go for the old R & D, and dress up too. It is good for a high grade and shows professionalism, so the class will respond as if to a grown up and not a young person.

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Sep 122013

Question by Me: Why it is that awareness can transcend the relative in meditation and consciousness can’t?
I understand that awareness absorbs the qualities of the absolute field of existence and returns them to the mediator but why cannot consciousness transcend and witness the experience?
Monk, thank you. I remember you now, when I was new in the Zen Mountain Monastery you had given a talk on transcendence and the laws of Karma. Could you consider giving me some guidance when the timing is right?
Philosophyangel, is it possible you got things mixed up a bit. Awareness and consciousness are inter dependent but are entirely different entities in their own right.
Lucid dreaming is a lesser degree of the dreaming sleep state. You could study Cosmic Consciousness, the fourth state of consciousness available to all. It remains awake in all three states of wakening, dreaming and deep sleep states of consciousness; all inclusive. Three higher states of consciousness are also possible.
The three guans of Nature can only give direction to consciousness not awareness. Thank you for answering.

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Answer by River Euphrates
If it could, it wouldn’t be consciousness.

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Apr 032013

Question by : Do cats have consciousness or awareness?
For example, oysters have no actual sense of consciousness, since they lack a brain; they only have reactive fibers.

Cats have a brain, but do they actually have any sort of real awareness, or are they basically like oysters, only living by impulse and instinct?

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Answer by .
Best way to discover that is to place the cat in front of a mirror and observe the cat’s reaction.

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Jan 302012

Question by littlemisscontroverse: What are some good ideas for a diversity awareness activity?
This is for a college ethics class. This can be an activity only for the class or for the community. But it has to teach diversity awareness by experience. We only have a month to finish this.
Please be ethical as this is for an Ethics class.

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Answer by CoachT
If you want people to experience the reality of bias and bigotry then it would have to be something that isn’t as apparent as sex or race.

You also have to be very careful how you decide to present this, some biases out there result in dangerous situations. I’d be cautious about suggesting participants “pass” as Muslim in some areas for example. And therein lies the real problem with this type of experiment, the results can be dangerous.

You could always replicate a study I read some years ago but apply it locally. The researcher completed employment applications at a variety of businesses. Everything was essentially equal except that the applicants had clearly identifiably ethnic names. The result was that the people with ethnic names didn’t get interviews.

Another researcher I read had people of different sex/race/socio-economics park on the side of the road with the hood up to see who got helped. The hot blonde got a lot of attention. The poor looking guy got left to fend for himself.

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Jan 292012

Question by : What does Al Gore have to gain from promoting Global Warming Awareness?
I see many people saying that Al Gore is just promoting awareness of Global Warming simply for his own benefit. I do not agree OR disagree with these people, I’d just like to get the facts. What would he have to gain from the awareness of Global Warming?

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Answer by Reginald Oriface
Simple. Whatever he makes on speaking fees or payment he received to be on this board or that. Don’t know what those are specifically in dollars, but he is being paid. I’m aware that he does donate his time and money to many causes, bugt he is compensated.

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