May 152014

Question by Eszter: What are good graduate programs for systems neuroscience?
I’m going to apply for graduate school in a few years and my research interests lie in systems neuroscience, could you recommend graduate programs or professors for me to look in to? I am currently a neuroscience major at the University of Texas at Austin.

Best answer:

Answer by Olga
There are very strong neuroscience programs in Northwestern University, UCSD, Columbia University, Oregon Health & Science University, and U of Michigan Ann Arbor.

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May 102014

Question by Ryan: Can someone recommend a good source on Mithraism?
I’m looking for a decent source on Mithraism, an ancient Roman mystery religion. I’ve found a few books on Amazon that are all extremely scholarly and fairly inaccessible to an armchair historian like me. Does anyone know of a book or other source that is a good introduction to this rather complex topic?

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Answer by champagnekid
mega phathomine would be my suggestion

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Apr 102014

Question by l.p: Looking for some good historical fiction?
set in Renaissance Italy or Ancient Greece.

Best answer:

Answer by ImaHarper
Elizabeth Eyre writes a series of Renaissance mysteries set in Italy

Marina Fiorato has also written a series with some connectiont to Rennaissance artists
Boticelli Secret etc

Sarah Dunat is another author to check out.

Leonardo’s swans by Karen Essex
Born into wealth amid the political and artistic foment of the Italian Renaissance, worldly and ambitious Isabella and na?ive Beatrice d’Este, sisters and rivals, compete for the attentions of Ludovico Sforza, the Duke of Milan.

Mirror Mirror by Gregory Maguire (the WICKED guy)
: A retelling of “Snow White” set in Renaissance Italy draws a link between the original fairy tale and the Borgia family’s infamous practice of poisoning its enemies


P.C. Doherty writes the Alexander the Great mysteries
Gates of fire: an epic novel of the Battle of Thermopylae by Ste[hen Pressfield
The King of Persia hopes to learn how the Spartans held back the millions of invading Persians from the sole Spartan survivor of the Battle of Thermopylae

Stealing Athena by Karen Essex
The dramatic and complex history of the Elgin Marbles, the sculptures from the Athenian Parthenon, is viewed through the lives of two very different women–Aspasia, an ancient Greek female philosopher and mistress of Pericles, and Mary Nisbet, wife of the Earl of Elgin, the British ambassador to Constantinople, who played a key role in bringing the artworks to England.

The Mask of Apollo by Mary Renault
The antique mask of Apollo which the actor Nikeratos carries with him when he travels begins to represent his attitude as an artist

And for a twist on ancient Greece
Picture this by Joseph Heller
Conjured back to life by Rembrandt’s famous “Aristotle Contemplating the Bust of Homer,” Aristotle surveys history and profiles historical personalities, ultimately concluding that not much has changed in 2,500 years

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Apr 082014

Question by jenniferlemoine2007: Good science (physics or chemistry) question?
Looking for a topic to write a 2 page essay on…has to be on physical science, physics or chemistry that has been in the news within the last year. I really don’t pay much attention to the news really and I googled stuff but didn’t find anything interesting and what I did find interesting was over 1year old. Throw out suggestions, my essay will be from a topic I probably don’t know any thing about so in retrospect I will be learning and just might get me a lil bit more interested in science.

Best answer:

Answer by Kreeos Kren
The LHC is finding some evidence towards the existence of the Higgs Boson. That’s been in the news pretty recently.

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Mar 262014

Question by ringetteange: What books are good for a 12 year old?
She likes books about cliques,gossip school issues and also mystery and stuff like that!

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Answer by Jolena_Faye
the clique series.
it talks about girls her age gossiping and school stuff.
im sure she will really like them

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Mar 232014

Question by JCDenton: What is a good book to start studying neuroscience?
I am looking to start studying in the neuroscience field and need help to find a good book to help with fundamentals. I am trying to eventually help with things like mapping the brain and things like dbs and many other interesting projects.

Best answer:

Answer by Lainie
Brain;/Central Nervous System

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Mar 072014

Question by What would be a good . . . . ?
Physics class question:

What would be a good definition for “Self-Awareness”?

What are the minimum requirements for a system (or entity) to be considered self aware?
I mean like a computer for it to be self aware . . . .

Best answer:

Answer by kt
it’s like, you know and understand yourself– your desires, fears, personality, talents, limits, beliefs, etc.

idk aout specific requirements tho, that probably depends on personal opinion.

but i’d guess that for an entity or system, it would have to understand its function and relationship to other systems of entities, and would have to know it’s limits and power

idk specifically what you’re thinking of tho, it depends

i think to be self-aware, it would also have to be able to consciously think or reason…?

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Feb 242014

Question by Jazmine: What is a good mystic name for a character?
I’m writing a new story and I could use some good mystic type names. Boy or girl.

Best answer:

Answer by Sei’triona
my name?
i get people coming up to me at school all the time calling me stuff like “elf” and “you fighting any dragons”
just coz my parents were into fantasy XD

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Jan 262014

Question by Jessi V: What would be a good anime for my husband?
My husband just left for Iraq. I want to surprise him and get him some animes, but I don’t know what to get. Just for reference, he likes InuYasha, Evangelion, Naruto, and Full Metal Alchemist so something along those lines would be great. Thanks for your help.

Best answer:

Answer by ChaosAnime
Since i see that he`s taste is more into action anime/comedy then i would recommend watching Samurai Champloo.
You can find the full episodes with english subtitles here :

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Dec 212013

Question by Artisticat: If a NECROMANCER were real, or even asking about them in books and games, what GOOD could they bring?
I’ve only read of the destruction they can bring, and I am unsure if there is any good that could come from necromancy.
Xenon and Romantic… That’s not exactly answering the question. You fail. :( Thanks though.

Best answer:

Answer by XenonVortex BlackOp Death Eater
Usually they’re portrayed as evil sorcerers who do all kinds of creepy dark magic like raising dead corpses and that sort of stuff. By definition, a necromancer is usually involved in dark magic, so I’m not sure how there could be a “good” necromancer.


Oh really? Well, then excuse me, I’ll try again if that wasn’t good enough. All I’m saying is that it’s described as the “blackest of black arts”, so nothing good would really come out of it. Unless, they summon spirits to give messages to people. And to be fair to Romantic and I, your question is kind of confusing. Not all necromancers are destructive, some of them make a profession out of communicating with summoned spirits and that sort of thing.

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