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Question by James F: What is the connection between the ideas of the age of Enlightenment and the Great Awakening?
I know that the Enlightenment challenged the role of God and allowed people to see that they were important and had the ability to shape their own lives.

The Great Awakening saw traditional authority of the clergy being challenged and eventually it made it easier to challenge the authority of the King. This movement also led to creation of different sects and denominations, and advocated religious tolerance.

But I still don’t fully understand the direct connection between the two movements.

If someone could please help :) Thanks

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Answer by vlkimbler
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Jan 222012

Question by : what religion will be first to reach enlightenment and free itself from sin and justice?
according to their teaching.
if all religions are true, and are trying to overcome sin or grow up to reach enlightenment since beginning of creation..eider by Karma and reincarnation or by Jewish law justice or by spirit of Christ in Christianity or Islam.

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Answer by T B
Free from justice is the post apocalyptic world of Mad Max and the Zombies.

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Jan 212012

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Jan 202012

Question by Adam: how was the french revolution influenced by enlightenment ideas?
im writing a DBQ essay on the french revolution, things that lead to a political rev, and characteristics of a political rev. im trying to fit the enlightenment into the causes section. help please?

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Answer by Cabal
The idea that men were equal went again the grain of the whole feudal/class system. Once people started believing that they were not inferior and did not have to be at the bottom just because they were born of lower class people, things started to unravel.

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Jan 192012

Question by CAT LOVER!!!!!!!!!!!: Help on Social Studies pleaz about Great Awakening and the Enlightenment and the British?
I really need help on this question pleaz cuz i really need this question for social studies and its really confusing so help!!! Heres the full question: How did the great awakening and the enlightenment influence the changing attitudes of colonial society towards the British?

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Answer by 80ist
Since religion has often been used to support political platforms, the Great Awakenings have exerted significant influence on the politics of America. Joseph Tracy, the minister and historian who gave this religious phenomenon its name in his influential (and still, to many, definitive) 1842 book The Great Awakening, saw the First Great Awakening as a precursor to the War of Independence .

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