Oct 242012

Question by ariwa: What is in the alcoholic drink called a “Mystic Biscuit”?
I just had my 21st birthday and was given a drink called a mystic biscuit. They told me what was in it but i was almost drunk and can’t remember. I’m just curious because i can’t find it online. Does anyone know? I know it had amaretto, jager, and vampire blood vodka, but beyond that, no idea.

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Answer by Rubez
looked it up but came up with some band or something

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  1. It must be an exotic cocktail invented by the bartender on your birthday and given the name “Mystic Biscuit”. i’ve never heard of this drink.


  2. They have a mystic biscuit drink where I live in Grand Junction. It’s kind of a local thing at a bar named Quincy’s.

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