Mar 232014

Question by Kevin7: what is the evidence behind the book the “Phantom Voyagers” about Indonesians in ancient Africa?

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Answer by Hαяνєy Bσi ThєHiρ416™
‘Great Zimbabwe built by Indonesians’

By Mduduzi Mathuthu
Last updated: 11/12/2009 10:59:10
THE treasured Zimbabwean stone wonder — the Great Zimbabwe — was built by Indonesian mariners, a controversial new book claims.

“Without the input of Indonesians, the Great Zimbabwe might never have come into being,” writer Robert Dick-Read claims in his new book The Phantom Voyagers.

In the book, Dick-Read also claims that several monuments like the Nyanga and Khami ruins were built by the Indonesians, modelled on structures that still exist in Madagascar.

Dick-Read further makes the staggering claim that the name Zimbabwe (short for Dzimba dza mahwe or house of stone) could be derived from Zomba-be`, a Madagascan word which he says appears to have the same meaning.

People who reject this theory, he says, are “contrarians by nature who love to complicate simple things”.

The latest claims contradict popular wisdom that the 32 feet high and 800 feet stretch of stone walls were built by the local Karanga tribesmen around 500 AD.

Archeologists and historians have struggled to solve the mystery of Great Zimbabwe due to the absence of written language nor any oral traditions. The greatest puzzle for historians is why the civilization declined around 1600, after the great archeological triumph that is Great Zimbabwe.

In The Phantom Voyagers, Dick-Read traces the journey of Indonedian mariners who settled first in Madagascar, then Africa, long before the arrival of the Europeans.

Says Dick-Read: “Within the walls of Great Zimbabwe there is an anomalous structure known as ‘The Conical Tower’ that has so far defied explanation, but which like so much else in Zimbabwe may find an explanation in Madagascar.”

He further draws similarities between some minor features of the monument and similar structures in Madagascar. Mbira music, he adds, could have its origins in Madagascar.

But George Landow, a Professor of English and Art History at Brown University in the U.S rejects Dick-Read’s analysis as flawed and reflecting a refusal by Europeans and their friends to embrace the fact that the Great Zimbabwe was built by the Karanga.

“Since Europeans first encountered the ruins of Great Zimbabwe,” he writes, “it has been the focus of ideological concern and conflict. Unwilling to believe that sub-Saharan Africans could have built such a structure, adventurers and ideologues long claimed the ruins a mystery, theorising that ancient Phoenicians, Arabs, Romans, or Hebrews created the structures. In fact, since archaeologist Gertrude Caton-Thompson’s excavations in 1932, it has been widely known that Great Zimbabwe is truly of Africa and less than 1000 years old.

“Nonetheless, the White Rhodesians, whose ideology proclaimed the land ‘empty’ of people and culture before they arrived, tried to rewrite history — even asserting that an African genesis for Great Zimbabwe was tantamount to treason,” says Landow.

Some archeologists have surmised that the site’s impressive stone structures were the work of Egyptians, Phoenicians, or even Prester John, the legendary Christian king of lands beyond the Islamic realm.

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Mar 232014

Question by JCDenton: What is a good book to start studying neuroscience?
I am looking to start studying in the neuroscience field and need help to find a good book to help with fundamentals. I am trying to eventually help with things like mapping the brain and things like dbs and many other interesting projects.

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Answer by Lainie
Brain;/Central Nervous System

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Mar 032014

Question by : Can someone help me with the book the alchemist homework?
The alchemist tells Santiago, ” you don’t have to understand the desert: all you have to do is contemplate a simple grain of sand, and you will see in it all the marvels of creation.” With this in mind, why do you think the alchemist chose to befriend Santiago, though he knew that the Englishman was the one looking from him? What is the meaning of the two dead hawks and the falcon in the oasis? At one point the alchemist explains to Santiago the secret of successfully turning metal into gold. How does this process compare to finding a Personal Legend.

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Answer by Caitlin
The Alchemist chose to befriend Santiago instead, because Santiago examined the desert and the people of the caravan. while the englishman had his face in his books, not bothering to contemplate the desert untill Santiago advised him to.
“He has other things to do first. But he’s on the right track. He has begun to try to understand the desert,” (114).

The 2 hawks represent the understanding of nature and what it tells us through symbols. it represents the knowledge of how the world and all of its inhabitants communicate and ultimately work together to find their personal legend.
Now the meaning of them being dead, in my opinion the alchemist sent his falcon to kill them because Santiago read their meaning. the Alchemist was pretty upset when he approached on his horse about it, saying “Who dares to read the meaning of the flight of the hawks?” (109).
So in other words, Santiago had no right to understand the omen, and to alter the future outcome of the Oasis battle.

The process of turning metal into gold compares to finding a personal legend because there’s a secret to everthing. You have to look for the cause and effect, and then pursue it to accomplish what you want. Also the Art of Patience comes into this: if you are eager to accomplish your goal, but are not willing to take the time to understand its origin and meaning, then you will never accomplish it.

Good luck!

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Jan 242014

Question by TopHat: If the bible consists of mostly metaphors, how is it different than any other book?
Also, who is to decide what is a metaphor and what is a biblical ‘fact’?

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Answer by bluelotussmellslikebananas
It is a living book. The more you read, the more you understand.

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Jan 102014

Question by : What is the best book on consciousness?
What is the default book that you absolutely must read on this subject? I’d prefer a recent book. The one I have is called “Consciousness Explained”, but it hasn’t gotten very good reviews.

Any ideas?

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Answer by Robert Gomez
Not be a religious but if u ever read where Satan tested job how he used his conscious can also help you. The bible or a wise ones sayings

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Dec 302013

Question by STARR: Site and book that will help me learn more about Wicca?
I’ve recently become interested in Wicca. I’m thinking of converting since I never felt comfortable with being Christian. My great grand mother use to practice Wicca all the time. But I obviously can’t ask her about it since she is dead.

Is there any sites or books that will help me learn more about it? Prayers and such. Thank you!

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Answer by MissDementia
Go to to start. It’s the largest and oldest Pagan/Wiccan/Heathen site on the net and has useful information and contact information for people of all the old faith paths. They also have a lot of recommendations for study and you can interact with others of the faith through the site.

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Dec 202013

Question by Jazmin G.: What book should i read next?
I’m in 8th grade and i’ve finished all the books i’ve wanted to read. Can you recommend me a book please?
Don’t say:
lovely bones
hunger games
Middle school: the worst years of my life
any of the series of unfortunate events books
because i’ve already read them.
Please nothing too low level. maybe a drama or a mystery. Any suggestions?

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Answer by Iknowsomethingyoudontknow

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Oct 192013

Question by Krisex: What is a good inspirational book about life?
Hi, I don’t read much, I’ve only read a couple books, and I just finished this book called the “The Alchemist” by Paulo Coelho. I wonderful short book that took my mind off all the bull sh it I’m going through in my life right now. I just want to know what book would be good to read that is similar to this one, also short. And if you name a book give a description, please and thank you.

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Answer by Karim Alayli
Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse. Great book! very poetic style. Story about a spiritual journey carried out by a young boy. Read up on it online if you want before you buy it. But it is similar to the Alchemist. Hope you enjoy it! It helped me take my mind off everyday stress.

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