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Question by the chameleon: Are there seasons (or “cycles”) of consciousness?
Like there are seasons and cycles of the earth, and of its creatures… what about within consciousness? And if so, what are the ramifications of this?

What season, or cycle, of consciousness are we in currently?

And as always… please elaborate!

Thank you to those who answer…

Note: Question asked in two sections, no need to answer in both! ;-)
Safri Duo – “Samb Adagio”

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Answer by dojosan
One of the more thought provoking questions I’ve seen in here lately. Ok, here goes: I would postulate that there are “seasons” or cycles of consciousness based on the fact that the same forces which act on and shape the outside world, also act upon the unseen portions of nature, inner consciousness being one of them. I have observed that at different times of the year, at least within myself. I am more productive, or more inclined to switch off the tube and grab a 10,000 word crossword puzzle and it appears to be cyclic. It is possible that my observations are tainted by the fact that I exist within my own consciousness. Again,stellar question…

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  1. No. Consciousness is a single invariant ‘I am that I am’.

    It is the thoughts which have all the variations. They are the main culprits that prevent realization of the invariant consciousness.

  2. Hi Chameleon : )

    Buddhist Theory speaks of just this & was pretty revolutionary in its day. It speaks of ‘mind-moments’ (citta-kshana).

    If mind is analogous to a river & the citta-kshanas to the water molecules, then as Heraclitus once said “you can’t step into the same river twice”. ; )

    Also if absolutely nothing is absolutely permanent in this world we live in, the seemingly impossible is not impossible. Miracles are. Like in the Matrix. : )

    Oh, and an escape is possible from this whole field of perception… ; )

    Best Wishes,

    a j


  3. I suspect there are. Probably cycles within cycles within cycles. The lifetime of mankind from “fool” to “death” is certainly cyclic and can be broken into clearly identifiable phases.

    In terms of Aeon I believe that we are currently in the Aeon of Horus.

    And much love back to you!

    “Love is the Law, Love under Will” – Liber Al Vel Legis

  4. I have been pondering this question for some time. LOL! I am still not sure how to answer but here goes anyhow.
    I really think it could be both depending on where you stand to look at consciousness. Of the POV of strictly this level, yes, it appears that there are cycles. But from another POV one could say consciousness is is always stable & what really changes is where consciousness manifests & how much awareness one is able to carry to all the different places consciousness does manifest.
    For example, in the early days of meditating I had periods of “being gone”. I had no consciousness while gone & in fact did not realize I had left till I returned. But as I continued to practice I learned to retain awareness when consciousness went to another level & was there with the experience & retained the memory on return.
    From the POV of here, I seemed to have lapses in consciousness, but it was only what seemed to happen from this viewing point only. As I was able to carry more awareness with me, I realized consciousness was always happening without any lapse, it was my ability to be aware when consciousness moved to another place or level that was the real issue.
    I probably didn’t explain this very well. I don’t have words for many things, perhaps you got it however despite my poor wording!
    Many Blessings!

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