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Question by Rickapotamus1: yu gi oh different dimension capsule ruling with dimensional alchemist?
if my different dimension capsule gets destroyed i know i can’t get that card back and it gets removed from play but what if i have a dimensional alchemist and he gets destroyed can i get the card that got removed from play with dimensional alchemist?

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Answer by instantly_oatmeal
No, because the removed from play card from Different Dimension Capsule is face-down. Thus, it is unknown to be a monster, spell, or trap. Dimensional Alchemist specifically states that it has to be a removed from play monster card that goes back to your hand.

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  1. If a monster is removed from play face-down – such as by the effect of “Different Dimension Capsule” – then it is unknown what type of card it is (Monster/Spell/Trap).

    Dimensional Alchemist cannot bring it back for two reasons:
    1) You couldn’t return a face-down card back, similarly how you couldn’t Special Summon a face-down D.D. Scout Plane back to the field.
    2) You are unsure if it is a monster you would be returning, and Alchemist says you have to return a monster card.

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