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Question by jkelly_21: Have any males used Mystic Tan? Does it look real? What about leg hair, does that prevent it from working?

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Answer by Dr Universe
i did but i found getting a natural tan was better

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  1. I’m not sure whether it was mystic tan, but many years ago I used a tanning cream. leg and arm hair had no effect of the creams purpose but seeing as I dont usually tan (Irish and Scottish) My skin turned a remarkable dark copperish orange. Looked good in low light, but once under bright or flourescent light…I looked like a pumpkin no doubt.

  2. it works on both sexes——-its good for an emergency as in i did it for a graduation cause i was pasty white

  3. Leg hair doesn’t prevent it from working, but the solution will stick to it, make it sticky and take longer to dry. DO NOT MYSTIC tan AIRBRUSH tan, it looks much more real and is controled.

    Mystic tan is where you go into a booth and get sprayed with a sunles tanning solution.

    Airbrush tan is where someone goes into a room with you and uses a large airbrush gun to spray you. This looks much more natural and real and you have more control with how light or dark you’d like to go.

    Before you go for either one of these…

    Take a shower and exfoiliate your skin, do not use a soap with moistruizers. It’s best to go in the evening and sleep with the solution on your skin. It may come off on your sheets, but it will wash out. Then you can shower the next morning, and it will continue to develop on your skin all night. Also, it’s best to wear loose clothing so that it doesn’t rub off the solution. IF someone tries to “blot” a mistake do not let them, unless they really know what they’re doing they’re going to rub off all the solution in that single spot, and you’re going to look funny.

    Good luck, and happy tanning!

  4. I used to work at a skin care clinic. We did the spray on tan. I looks good except on the feet and hands. For some reason it looks patchy on those places. It only lasts about 3 days and you look like an alligator as it is wearing off. You will have a funky smell until it wears off. It is basically like your lotion self tanners only it is just the tanner..no lotion. You have to stand in front of a fan and dry. It can be expensive to maintain. It is far healthier than getting a real tan. Avoid doing that!!! I have tried Jergens Natural glow and like it better than the spray tan. It takes days to develop any color and i didn’t have any streaking.

  5. Mystic Tans make people look orange!

  6. I do mystic tan every 4 days at Darque Tan. I did a lot of research on the lowest priced places. This was only $40 per month and no start up cost. I’m very pale and this gives me a healthy glow without the wrinkles and saggy skin later in life…or skin cancer! I had one girl tell me it looked a little orange once, but that was at a different company. I go every four days so that I don’t deal with the uneven color when it fades. I don’t get the bronze. It looks really bad on me and fake. I just get the clear DHA.

  7. Def go with hazel, I am of similar coinurlog to you hair skin wise and my eyes are a very dark brown, but when I swapped my clear lenses for hazel ones and I got so many compliments even from strangers and colleagues. They can dry your eyes out a bit so you need to take them out to rest for a few hours.

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