Jun 242014

Question by jkelly_21: Have any males used Mystic Tan? Does it look real? What about leg hair, does that prevent it from working?

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Answer by Dr Universe
i did but i found getting a natural tan was better

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Jun 092014

Question by aero1676: Mystic Tan or no tan?
If you are a guy, do you do the spray on tanning or just go to a tanning bed? I usually go to a tanning bed but am considering the Mystic Tan for better health. The smell is kinda gross but so is the tanning bed smell. Comments anyone please.

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Answer by shaggysgirl18


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Jun 072014

Question by cwfuturewrestler: Mystic CT activities in January?
What are some things to do in Mystic CT in January? I know the aquarium is closed that time of year, but im looking for other things. Other than Mystic Village and Foxwoods right up the road

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Answer by Mr. X
You should ask local residents what they do for fun there.

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Jun 032014

Question by scuzzrat: Mystic, CT or Cooperstown, NY?
I am looking to take a long weekend and go camping.
Should I go to Mystic or Cooperstown. I have never been to either place and am just curious anyone can give me some advice.

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Answer by pickmefirstplz
Cooperstown has the better camping

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May 282014

Question by bj_osterhout: Mystic Tan VS Airbrush Tan ??
What is the difference between a Mystic Tan and a Airbrush tan?? Which one is better?? How long does it last and approx. how much does it cost?

http://www.myperfecttan.com/tanequipment.html ..
I didn’t think spray tans were dangerous? I’m NOT using a tanning BED no way.. I’ve tried the lotions stuff and #1 – I’m not patient enough #2 – It doesn’t work #3 – I have really pale blotchy skin and want a professionals help with tone, color, etc..

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Answer by laxplaya1357
I would suggest not to use a tan booth…I don’t want to sound like OMG YOUR GONNA DIE USING THAt…cuz honestly…I don’t think you will, but I found a GREAT lotion that is safe..easy..and not costly, its called.. Jergens – natural glow daily moisturizer! I lvoe it and its works great…like last spring break everyone thought i was so tan..BEFORE i went on vacation…you should use it everyday for about a week…and it will look great, even using it 2 days works! it also costs maybe like 3 dollars or somethign.

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May 272014

Question by Emme: Mystic Tan not showing up?
I got my mystic tan around 12:30 today and it’s not 2:30 in the morning and it’s still not showing up?

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Answer by Kristen
If you didnt wash it off to soon you just might not notice it. Also it is usually darker the next
day. One other thing is you might have gotten one that was to light for your skin.

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May 252014

Question by Sarraahh!:D: Mystic Legend by Anne Mcginty?
Does anyone know the notes for Mystic Legend on trumpet or where I can get free sheet music for this song? Please help.

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Answer by Damian



Might not be the specific ones you are looking for but… You can find plenty of sheet music for download at these websites. They have over 1000+ of them. Good luck!

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