Jun 022014

Question by Deni: Rank these college science classes from the easiest?
Rank from 1-10 easiest to hardest or rank them in which order I should take them in college or both. Thanks!

Biological Sciences
Food Science
Health Science
Process Biology
Science Education

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Answer by h2so4@MOZHIARASU
the easiest is upto you!!! according to me
1. Biological sciences
2. Microbiology
3. Process biology
4. Biochemisty
5. Chemistry
6. Process biology
7. zoology
8. Halth scince
10. Food science

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May 302014

Question by §Guru Pathik§: What year in college can I take theoretical physics, and how often will I see these words?
Einstein’s outlook on “Reality”
“The Measurement Problem”
We are all one
Life greatest illusion-separation and self
Sacred Geometry
Da Vinci
Astral Projection
“Junk DNA”
9 dimensions
11 dimensions

ODU, is where I’m going , And I’m 17, if that’s relevant.

BQ: If I take theology, ( if you can’t tell I like learning about this stuff) will it be like the Religion and Spirituality( constant calling out and arguing), more than likely a theology professor would be an atheist right? ( I’d prefer to get a professor like Alan Watts ) Would he call me out if he found out I wasn’t atheist? I’m not a fundamental theist , but would I be stuck in a room full of atheists? I have atheist friends , but I’d hate to have to be silent just to avoid arguing.

Or opposite, would I get a religious teacher who would call me out for not being a fundamental theist?

BQ 2 : Which Could I take further ?
A: Major: Engineering, Minor: Theoretical physics
B: Major: Theoretical physics Minor: Engineering

BQ 3: Based of the list of words , what classes should I take?

BQ 4: As I said I’m 17, I was very passive in primary and secondary schools ( I’m really smart when I want to be, but if its something I’m not interested in, I’m lazy , and my grades will show) Going through the motions of my high school years I have cumulative 3.4 GPA, but If I didn’t study it or were apathetic about it in high school, would I be a complete noob in theoretical physics and quatum physics?.

When I was younger I had no interest in most school subjects whatsoever , but now I do.
Ok, thanks I probably was confused by some words of Michio Kaku pertaining to theoretical physics and Spinoza.

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Answer by Cyle Monroe
If choosing to go with either a major in Engineering or TP, I would suggest you take Engineering. The marketability and demand of just about any engineering degree is already known to be higher than average, where as TP is a bit more obscure as it is based around theory.

Once you are in college, you can no longer have the mindset of “well this is boring!” and tune out like you can in most of high school. If you are taking on a degree in any engineering, which is widely known to be very math-intense and demanding of your attention, you will need to be “interested” or you WILL fall behind. And as a previous engineering student I can assure you, you will have lecture upon lecture about subjects which will NOT peak any of your interests unless you are oddly passionate about calculus limits, derivatives, or the diameter of a sewage pipe.
I have no idea about your questions about that list of what I assume to be your interests.
Good luck in school.

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May 152014

Question by Chris: Physics in College… required?
I am currently a senior in High School in Texas and I am taking Physics. As a note, it isn’t a required course for me… the state legislature was too slow! But, I figured I’d take it since I assumed it was a pretty standard and typical requirement in college to have a physics course… well, now I am cringing at the thought. At the beginning of my senior year I had a 3.64 GPA, but for whatever reason I am having a very considerable level of difficulty with Physics. It is only the beginning of the year and I may be blowing this out of proportion, but I am extremely frustrated. On to my question.

Is a Physics course pretty standard for most colleges as a basic requirement? If so, how many minimal (year, two years?)?

Before, I had in mind working towards something in very likely in Economics, Political Science, Information Technology, or Engineering. I have a gut feeling this likely will end up being a considerable influence in the elimination of Engineering from that list.

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Answer by spriteremix05
Most schools don’t require you to take a science class like Physics. If they SPECIFY what science class you have to take (my school does not, but you have to take a certain number of science credits in classes of your choice) they mostly stick to bio and chem…

Good luck with physics!

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Apr 102014

Question by mobeks: got into UCLA neuroscience and Berkeley College of Chemistry. Please help me pick.?
This is for undergraduate programs at those colleges.

UCLA pros: I am strongly passionate about neuroscience, so this seems nearly perfect
con: Very far from where I live, (8 hours at least!)

Berkeley pros: It has greater, however slight, prestige.
It has the number 1 (or really really close) chemistry program in the world
It is fairly close, which means i can drive home and see my family every(other) weekend

Please explain why I should pick your suggestion. If you pick Berkeley, do you think that going there will allow me a better career in neuroscience(because I’m assuming I’ll be pretty well equipped chemistry or chemical biology-wise)
1 hour ago – 4 days left to answer.
Additional Details
Not going to Berkeley seems like a waste, especially because of how hard it is to get in there and get acquainted with such a prestigious environment(would provide me contacts, etc. which would be great for future careers)
I plan to go to medical school

Best answer:

Answer by Catarina
You are passionate about neuroscience, so you are more likely to be an outstanding star of the program at UCLA. Are you aiming for medical school or a PhD?

Distance from your family of origin should not be a primary factor since you will be growing and changing more than you can predict now in the first years of college.

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Feb 102014

Question by Makayla: How is this college major/degree plan?
Undergraduate double major in Psychology and Biology, and then a graduate degree in Neuroscience?

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Answer by Grand Rapids
Sounds good if your final career specialization (and focus) is going to be neuroscience.

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Dec 262013

Question by Camisha: What are some choices for majors in college since I aspire to be neurosurgeon?
I aspire to be a neurosurgeon but not all colleges offer neurosurgery or neuroscience as a major. Including these what are some choices I have as a major to be a succesful neurosurgeon.

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Answer by eri
Not all colleges offer neuroscience, but no colleges offer a neurosurgery major. Major in anything and take the premed classes in bio, chem, physics, math, and English. Keep your college GPA well over 3.5 and do very well on the MCATs. Med school is another 4 years after that, followed by 5 years of general surgical residency, followed by 5 years of fellowship in neurosurgery. This will be at 4 different schools/hospitals so you can start at any 4-year college or university.

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Dec 192013

Question by Avenue17: Any good summer camps located on a college campus?
I will be a junior in high school this coming fall, and I wanted to get a small bit of college experience this summer. I’m looking for a shorter camp focused on medical science, and if it’s really specific, neuroscience. It would be ideal for the camp to be only a week long, but I could stretch a couple of days. I’d be open to most places in the U.S.


Best answer:

Answer by Jez
There are thousands of camps around the U.S, in your situation i would search around for Academic camps, or locate a medical focused college as they might even run a summer program or at least put you in touch with someone who does. Check out: www.kampspire.com www.chooseacamp.com www.campsnreviews.com that should help get you started

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Nov 242013

Question by Ben: Out of these four college classes which two are the easiest?
I have to take two lab sciences for my degree. The four sciences are


I’m probably going to take physics because it’s my favorite. Maybe I could take physics 1 and physics 2 instead of another science. Which two are probably the easiest though out of the four.

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Answer by nycole
Are these intro classes? I’ve taken all of these classes and I found geology to be the easiest (but I do love geology so..). I found physics to be the hardest because I took Mechanics in college without ever having taken a physics class before. It was brutal. I’d put chemistry somewhere in the middle. Not too hard, but definitely not a piece of cake. I found it really interesting though (probably my favorite after geology). Biology is just a lot of memorization ( I found bio to be a little boring.. not my thing…). It really depends on you. You say you like physics so maybe you should take physics. Easiness if really subjective. You may find physics easy, I find it hard.. Just depends on the person really.

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Sep 032013

Question by hanic101: In college can you just major in science?
I know this seems like a stupid question, but i was wondering if in college you could major in just science. Like not have to pick a specific field. I’m wondering because I know i want to do something with science, but i don’t know what. I just wanted to take a bunch of basic science courses like biology, physics, chemistry, engineering, etc. Then decide what i want to do later down the line like in grad school or something. Is this possible?

Best answer:

Answer by PE2008
Some schools do have “General Science degrees or “Physical Sciences” or “Natural Sciences” or similar, but these degrees are not popular because they are “survey” majors that do not equip students well enough for graduate study in any particular science.

Consider “Engineering Science” if you want a broad but also deep study.

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Jul 222013

Question by Historyandbookstudent: How do I write dialogue for a girl? In hers 20′s in college?
How do they express there emotions?
What do they like/dislike?

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Answer by SteW
Research and planning. Usually when I write a character I am not sure of I read lots of books and watch lots of movies or people watch. I then write a character plan complete with all their personality traits, desires, fears, hobbies, back story etc to build a fully realized character that will (Hopefully) not be horribly two dimensional.

Remember your character is the vehicle that drives the story, if the characters not interesting it doesn’t matter how amazing the story is, most readers will put the book down! I’ll give some links on character building below, good luck!

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