Apr 102014

Question by mobeks: got into UCLA neuroscience and Berkeley College of Chemistry. Please help me pick.?
This is for undergraduate programs at those colleges.

UCLA pros: I am strongly passionate about neuroscience, so this seems nearly perfect
con: Very far from where I live, (8 hours at least!)

Berkeley pros: It has greater, however slight, prestige.
It has the number 1 (or really really close) chemistry program in the world
It is fairly close, which means i can drive home and see my family every(other) weekend

Please explain why I should pick your suggestion. If you pick Berkeley, do you think that going there will allow me a better career in neuroscience(because I’m assuming I’ll be pretty well equipped chemistry or chemical biology-wise)
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Additional Details
Not going to Berkeley seems like a waste, especially because of how hard it is to get in there and get acquainted with such a prestigious environment(would provide me contacts, etc. which would be great for future careers)
I plan to go to medical school

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Answer by Catarina
You are passionate about neuroscience, so you are more likely to be an outstanding star of the program at UCLA. Are you aiming for medical school or a PhD?

Distance from your family of origin should not be a primary factor since you will be growing and changing more than you can predict now in the first years of college.

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  1. Berkeley, its once in a lifetime…

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