The Practice of Necromancy

What is Necromancy?
Necromancy is the practice of using the dead to get what you want. The most common application is summoning a spirit to give you information. More extreme applications can be trying to raise the dead, or putting an outside spirit into a corpse. I dont really think that is possible.

I use it mainly as a synergy with my preferred style of Magick. Night magick. I use the power of the dark to charge my castings.

Necromancy is best done in the dark. Calling upon spirits to do your dirty work can be a tasking experience. They dont like being forced to act for you. That is the primary goal of Necromancy, to force spirits to do what you want. They will try to get back at you. Expect bad dreams, and odd occurrences from less powerful spirits, to full blown hauntings from the stronger ones. Try to avoid nature spirits; sometimes called elementals, they are harder to compel and can be vindictive to an incredible degree.

Simple Scrying: Use a bowl of water, candle, and a pen and paper. You will need a sharp knife and an Ice Cube with your blood in it made up before hand. A musky incense, and a shot of some sort of hard liquer. Do this is in a dark place. A basement, room with covered windows etc. You must start the ritual at 10 to midnight.
Start by getting the ice cube(keep it from melting, leave it in its trey and cover it, obviously this works better in a cold room), bowl of water, and the pen and paper. At ten to midnight; with the lights on, carefully draw out a symbol to represent what you are asking questions about, try to keep yourself to three questions. Its a traditional number that seems to get good results. You must put your energy into the symbol(s). (If you have not learned to summon and direct energy, you have no business trying something like this.)
It should take about 5 minutes to draw the symbols, they dont need to be complex, just something to represent your questions. The key to it is putting your energy into the symbol(s).
At 5 to midnight you need to go to turn off the lights and light the candle and incense at least a couple of feet away. You want the light to play with the water elusive. Put the paper with your symbol under the bowl.
Sit a gather your energy until it hits midnight. At that point you need to drop the ice cube into the bowl. Concentrate on your questions and project them into the bowl. As the cube melts your blood will slowly cloud the water.(you can use a fresh cut and drop it in if you like). You should have roughly an hour to conduct your ritual. While the blood clouds the water you should take the shot of liquor, this is to loosen your handle on the common. Gaze into the water projecting your questions and compelling a spirit to answer. Do not be polite, be commanding. If you want to practice Necromancy, being polite is not an option. How you choose to compel the spirit is up to you, and the way they will answer is never the consistent. At 1AM, end your ritual and turn on the lights. Sometimes you will see and hear the spirits during the ritual, more often they find small ways to get your attention and answer you later. So stay alert to anything odd for the next few days.

Compelling a spirit to do something for you: This is best done is a very cold room, as dark as you can get it. This is mainly about gathering energy and mental projection. I have used a knife to cut symbols into my skin with some good results, but that was for a blood curse. I suggest the simple method before you go slicing yourself up.
This ritual is all about stamina and will power. You must sit in the completely dark room gathering energy from the earth, then projecting it along with your desire. While also doing something to compel the spirits to act for you. Again, the method you choose is yours to decide. I must stress the point that you can not be nice to them, you are a necromancer, not a beggar. Alternate between calling spirits, and projecting energy. If you are doing this right you will feel very tired after a short time. You must try to keep it up for two hours. From Midnight to 2AM. The longer you keep going the stronger the spirits that will respond to your call. You will nearly always have a backlash of some sort from this ritual.
If you want to live dangerously, you can direct your summoning toward nature rather than the astral/spirit plane. Your margin of success is lower because elemental spirits are less likely to respond, but if one does, you will get results. You will also risk cursing yourself with a pissed off nature spirit, but I never said Necromancy was all that safe.

Dealing with pissed off Spirits: You can try and force them to leave, first off. It doesn’t work very well. unless you are possessed of superior will power, they will come back. The weaker ones are more a nuisance than anything, they hide things and generally are just annoying. Stronger ones will haunt you and try to scare you as bad as they can. Elementals are more subtle, but more dangerous. Dont be surprised if they cause trouble while you are driving, or doing other activities that require your focus. The most common backlash is nightmares. Very bad, very disturbing nightmares. They generally only last a few days. This is not always a spirit getting back at you, its more from touching the spirit world so aggressively. If normal spirit summoning is a gentle caress to get a response, Necromancy is a punch in the gut. If you want to practice Necromancy, get used to acting like a paranormal thug.

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