Dec 082011

“DAVE DAVIES KRONIKLES: MYSTICAL JOURNEY” Now available for download, the powerful film about the life of the Kinks co-founder
Video Rating: 5 / 5

In this dialogue series, Brother Wayne Teasdale and Ken Wilber discuss the advent of an integral mysticism in the postmodern world. Reflecting on their own spiritual experiences, the relation of science to spirituality, the lives of the great inter-spiritual pioneers, and how youth culture is revitalizing the mystical traditions, Brother Wayne and Ken show how an integral perspective can bring the revelations of mysticism into everyday life. In so doing, we learn to give fullest expression—as parents and professionals, students and seekers—to the Mystic Heart in each of us. If, as historian Arnold Toynbee put it, the introduction of Buddhism into the West “may well prove to be the most important event of the 20th century,” we might also argue that the re-discovery of the contemplative roots of Christianity will be equally important. And as we enter the 21st century, it stands to reason that the recognition of a common mystical ground between Buddhism, Christianity, and the other World Religions will be the most important event of all.

Dec 022011

In this visually compelling and thought provoking documentary, author, scholar and modern day Indiana Jones, Jay Weidner uncovers some of the deepest secrets of the ancient western tradition of Alchemy – the knowledge of the fatal season of the apocalypse, the end of time and the great and imminent transformation of humanity. Using the work of the mysterious twentieth century French Alchemist, Fulcanelli as his foundation, and his discovery of a three hundred fifty year old Alchemical cross in the South of France, Jay Weidner describes the experiences insights and powerful evidence that opened the door to a new view of the intimate relationship between myth, history, science and the true destiny of humanity. In doing so, he reveals the ultimate meaning underlying the resurrection of Christ, the message of the book of the Revelation, the vision of Ezekiel and the Kabbalistic concept of the “Restoration of the World”. Join him on this remarkable adventure as Jay Weidner journeys from the shores of Southern France through Alchemical Europe, Ancient Egypt and Peru, to decode the powerful and haunting message of the Great Cross of Hendaye. Secrets of Alchemy

Sep 202011

A psychological thriller set in the world of New York City ballet, BLACK SWAN stars Natalie Portman as Nina, a featured dancer who finds herself locked in a web of competitive intrigue with a new rival at the company (Mila Kunis). A Fox Searchlight Pictures release by visionary director Darren Aronofsky (THE WRESTLER), BLACK SWAN takes a thrilling and at times terrifying journey through the psyche of a young ballerina whose starring role as the duplicitous swan queen turns out to be a part for which she becomes frighteningly perfect.

Aug 202011

“With 30 years of historic momentum, Wizardry is one of gaming’s oldest franchises, and is widely recognized as being one of the most influential titles in the RPG genre, earning it the nickname, “The Granddaddy of RPGs.” As one of the first games to feature grid-based dungeon crawling presented from a unique first-person perspective that remains a core part of the gaming experience today, Wizardry throws players into an epic fantasy adventure as they battle their way through dungeons with the aid of medieval weapons and magic.”

This is the original ending sequence if you side with the Dark Savant.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Aug 202011

Spray Filmes, STart e Cultura and Luciano Huck present: “Breaking the Taboo” – A film in search of solutions for the failure of the war on drugs. Directed by Fernando Grostein Andrade With Fernando Henrique Cardoso, Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, Paulo Coelho, Drauzio Varella Produced by: Fernando Menocci, Silvana Tinelli and Luciano Huck
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jul 212011

A tribute to Germanys coolest opossum. A new addition to the Leipzig Zoo has yet to be seen by the public, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming a star. Heidi, a young cross-eyed opossum, is shaping up to be the most popular furry critter in Germany since Knut the celebrity polar bear. She won’t be visible to the public until July, but a cross-eyed opossum has turned into Germany’s new media darling. The reason for Heidi’s crossed eyes is unclear, but zoo officials speculate that it might be because of fat deposits behind her eyes, caused by a bad diet early in life. The eyes might look off, but they cause the animal no pain, and don’t affect her ability to get around, according to the zoo. She is, aside from her looks, a normal opossum. Hot news! Officials at Leipzig Zoo, where Heidi lives, say she will appear on the “Jimmy Kimmel Show” on the US network ABC on Oscars night.

Jul 112011

The New Novel by Phoenix Aydeen. Directed by: Shaun Springer Produced by: Amanda Caballero / JD Dewitt
Video Rating: 2 / 5

Oakley and 411 studio presents Our Life featuring Bob Burnquist, Dave Bachinsky, Ryan Sheckler, Greg Lutzka, Fabrizio Santos, Andrew Pott, Chris Senn and Rune Glifberg.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jul 012011

An extended cinematic trailer from last year’s E3 for Huxley, the upcoming MMOFPS by WebZen for the Xbox 360 and PC. The game follows the story of a troubling future where Earth is crippled by war and natural disasters in the wake of a world-wide cultural shift brought about by genetic engineering and biological modification. You see humanity eventually modified themselves so much that they became split into sub-races that scarcely resembled original humans, which inevitably leads to a biblical level of racial prejudice and hatred. Two main sub-races, the Sapiens and the Alternatives, wage an all out war for their own survival, as well as to control the planet for themselves. Among the other remnants of humanity are various species of dangerous, feral mutants that only make things mor complicated for the Sapiens and Alternatives. Here a group of Alternatives is battling a nest of Hybrids, apparently provoked to attack them by the Sapiens. The cinematic is rendered with the same engine as the in-game graphics.

With Iraqi filmmaker Mohammed Al Daradjis latest film, Son of Babylon, set to appear at the upcoming Doha Tribeca Film Festival, we look back at the story behind the story of his previous film, Ahlaam. Trip Of Dreams is the story of a film that has traveled the world but never been home. Now the time has come to finally screen Ahlaam in Baghdad.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Jun 132011

Sam’s life sucks. He dropped out of college, and works at Wimpy’s. Then he meets Douglas, who tells him he is a necromancer – and he’s after Sam’s “power.” Now his life really sucks… Read Lish McBride’s debut novel Hold Me Closer, Necromancer and see if Sam can figure out the mess he’s in.
Video Rating: 3 / 5

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