Oct 162010

Question by Compulsive Reader: What is the name of the paper fortune telling game that girls play?
It’s the folded thing that you put your fingers into the corners. You ask the number first, and the person’s fingers move forward and sideways. You do the same for a color, and spell out the color, then you lift a flap for the “fortune.”

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Answer by Gorgeous
It’s called a “cootie catcher”! Seriously though, it is.

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Aug 192010

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Aug 042010

Question by randomcrazyness01: Which Harry Potter book do we find out about the enchantment on the girls’ dormitory stairs?
I am writing a fan fiction and I need to know what book the guys find out about the enchantment on the girls’ dormitory to keep them from going in there. I am pretty sure it happens one Christmas, but do not remember what book. Any help would be great.

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Answer by Mohd S
in Order of the pheonix. harry and ron want to show hermione umbridges new decree banning clubs and teams

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