May 212012

Question by : Book suggestion for teenage girls?
I am a 13 year old girl who loves to read. I hate mushy love stories and prefer mystery books/novels. I love Jacqueline Wilson and Cathy Cassidy’s work and I also loved Eve by Anne Carey and Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams.
I like some classics like Anne of green gables but I did not like Kim, Secret Garden or Little Princess much. I also HATE meg Cabot’s work!
Another genre I do not like is Sci-fi fiction/non fiction……the stuff where someone is chosen to destroy some lame demon etc etc and save the world…blah blah blah….
So anything with a cool mystery/detective plot (other than Agatha Christie & Sherlock Holmes stuff) like Down the Rabbit Hole……about a 13 year old girl who solves the murder mystery of a crazy lady in her town. Anything similar to Jacqueline Wilson/Cathy Cassidy books (about kids/teens and the common problems we face in day to day life) is also awesome!!


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Answer by Tyrone
To Kill a Mockingbird was pretty good.

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Jan 282012

Question by Oh mannn….: How many different ways can you spell deseray, the girls name?
Im trying to look up the song “you gotta be” by deseray, but i cant figure out how to spell deseray.

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Answer by nottygal_20
in her case its spelt..des’ree :)

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Jan 162012
by 120new

Question by Jaye: What are different ways to spell these girls names?
My top two are

Jayden and Keely for a girl.

What are other ways to spell them and what are good middle names?

Please help me out!

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Answer by Erinn


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Aug 012011

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Jul 292011

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Jun 202011

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Apr 162011

Conjuring mathowie

Image by Rick Scully

American Idol: What Do the Girls Need to Do to Survive?
The two remaining American Idol girls need to step up their game if they want to end the guys’ winning streak. The last time a female won, fans were still waiting for the final Harry Potter book to hit shelves and Bob Barker was still hosting The Price Is Right. But after only four female wins in the show’s past nine seasons (including hugely successful alums Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood …
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On the centenary of his birth, B.C.’s greatest magician still has his secrets
Mandrake the Magician became famous across North America for style, smarts and sleight of hand
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Cloudeater’s CE_EP1 has kind of a ’96 vibe
Purveyors of sultry post-trip-hop, Cloudeater released a couple of new songs on their Band Camp page this week, called “Hardly Wait” and “Wander” (aka CE_EP1 ). While there’s no denying that there is some serious talent on display here, “Hardly Wait” is filled with sensual techno-driven alt.… [ Read more ] [ Subscribe to the comments on this story ]
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Apr 042011

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Feb 052011
ancient secrets
by rikaru

Question by samantha b: whats the ancient hair growing secrets of the indian brahim girls?

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Answer by jum b
Oil Head massage…..

Head Massage For Fast Hair Growth

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