Science Camp puts experiments in hands of campers
Magnetism, physics, chemistry and paleontology are not your typical summer learning activities, unless you are at JC Summer Camps Science Camp this week.
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Animal magnetism a polarizing subject
Call me Dr. Doolittle. For some odd reason our house has become a magnet for wayward pets. I have enough pets. They outnumber my five children: three cats, one dog, two parakeets, one fish and a partridge in a pear tree. They are all cute, sometimes, but the last thing I need is another animal.

How sea turtles go home again
This month, one of the world’s most mysterious oceanic migrations will come full circle. And another will begin.
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Young Magneto Cast
The big screen’s new master of magnetism has been found, while two rumored Spider-Man contenders are reportedly testing for roles in X-Men: First Class.
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