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Question by On the Narrow path: What would you say is the most disturbing aspect of islam?
the whole BELIEVE OR DIE!! thing bothers me, but so does the mandate that women are less than men, the thing about how you should slap them around, the fact that death is the mandated punishment for about 1,000 different things, the complete lack of forgiveness, the denial of any kind of human rights, but it goes on and on.

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Answer by zoooooom!!!
Women are powerless in their religion….well to be fair they are powerless in all the Abrahamic religions.

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  13 Responses to “Q&A: What would you say is the most disturbing aspect of islam?”

  1. suicide bombings i’d say

  2. You took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. Your mom.

  4. Ignorance of what it teaches – if anyone were sincere about God they would be led to Him.

  5. try to have a look in deep, it’s not wise to ask people with low knowledge percentage of that critical point

  6. Calling me Buddy, when I know deep down the SOB wants to cut my head off.

  7. the structure of the dogma that essentially makes the overall teaching one of anti-humanism, and encourages sociopathy

  8. The way they are divided.

  9. the misinformation or misinterpritations of the words is the worst thing.

    most people dont even read the Quran in a language they would understand, insted they read it in arabic and are told the meaning by someone else who was probably told the meaning in the same way.

    also the use of the religion to opress people, it’s not in islam to opress women, women have the same amount of rights as men, unfortunatly not many people read that part but are told about it by someone who cant handle women so puts them in place by justfying it as gods word.

    nothing wrong with islam, it’s the people.

  10. Sounds like you covered it.

  11. In the last 10 years more than a Trillion $$ has been spent fighting radical Islamists world-wide. Thousands of innocent people have been murdered by Muslim extremists and Bin Laden and other terrorists groups don’t indicate that they will ever stop.

    In my opinion, what Muslims do to each other in their own Countries is their problem, but, when they murder innocent people, including Americans.. Then it becomes our problem.

  12. This sounds like a Scientology question.
    Christians have killed plenty. Have no tolerance. support capital punishment. start wars. don’t even get me started on rights, which you only THINK you have.
    What? the right to decorate your un-authentic life

  13. Consider this very carefully -

    who is allah?

    Mohamed said allah told him Abraham offered Ishmael and Christ is not the Son of God etc. etc.
    This allah is the same that told Eve “you shall not surely die”

    now – isn’t it becoming clear as to what islam worships, the ‘name of blasphemy[claims to be god]‘, allah is NOT in any way as the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Israel. NEVER would ANY muslim EVER pray to the God of Israel. Mohamed rode ‘out of the south’ – Seir!(Ez35) Seir… the son of …who? He also is ‘without genealogy’ – but Seir is the son of beliar[satan]

    ‘honor killings’ are about nothing but PRIDE – something allah does not lack

    ‘Mystery Babylon’ [USA] is given over to islam[Ps83:5-8] – “Death to America!” and people will be put to death with the ‘great sword[Rev6:4] of islam for not, you know, convert or die! but…only those who are killed for NOT converting will live during Christs’ 1000 year reign, Rev20:4 – that is a unique opportunity afforded ONLY this generation! [and they talk about the farce rapture]
    Lets face it – islams’ war with the west will not be over until, as THEY say, the ‘islamic flag is flying over the Whitehouse’ [in D.C.].

    satan has used the ‘ancient hatred[Ez35]‘ that all the other descendants of Abraham have towards Israel to form the confederacy(Ps83,Ob7) of islam to fruitlessly try to regain Esaus’[red] lost birthright [let us take for ourselves the pastures of God{land of Israel} for a possession that the name of Israel be remembered no more,Ps83]

    I hope this helps in your understanding of what allah is and who God has raised up against us to be His ministers of the Judge[Rev17:16-18]

    I think islam and their horror will be worse than the japanese and nazis during WW2 with their horrors, for they were just godless men – allah is the epitome of hatred and anger

    Isn’t it amazing how some [blue] can take ANY question, ANY question and spin it to ‘Christians done worse’?

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