Oct 222013

Question by Marli H: how do i get my black hair to be purple from dying it using manic panic?
ok, so i just bought this semi-perm. hair color called Mystic Heather from manic panic and i have black hair..and i was wondering how would i get it to turn out SUPER purple bkuzz i have super asian hair?

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Answer by girlwholoveslisteningtomusic
u have to bleach ur hair..

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  1. u have to bleach it…. it wont turn purple otherwise. u have to lighten it. bleach it blonde and then put the purple color on it after. semi permanent colors don’t lighten hair at all, they only deposit color so lightening it first will allow the semi permanent color to show.

  2. Oh boy I’ve been there and its very difficult. Ok there are a few ways.
    First theres the bleaching (which honestly I dont recommend it could truely ruin your hair)
    Second you could always dye your hair with a bright cheap hair dye before using manic panic. (I suggest clairol,loreal,nice and easy, or ganier) this way its less likely to damage your hair, make sure its the brightest blond you could find.
    Third you could always use the manic panic on your dark hair, blow dry it for a long period of time, and you might get a dark purple like color.

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