Jan 252012

Question by I Love My Kitties: How can I start an Environmental Awareness week (or day) at public schools?
Im wanting to go into pulblic schools and teach about environmental awareness because its something Im passionate about and would love to see be taught to the future generation.

How can I do this? What types of activities or things shoudl I have for elementary kids…middle school..high school…and maybe even colleges?
Im 20, so I want people to take me seriously because Im very passionate about our environment.

And I wont create stupid “fads” like one square per wipe. Im looking to provide recycling bins and such…conservation methods…etc.
I have seen An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore.

Im really liking everyone’s ideas. And I appreciate everyone’s support. I just feel the need to do more for others, and using my passion for the environment to help teach the people of the future generations is an inspiring thing for me.

More ideas are welcome and listened too! Its helping me a lot!

And to the girl who cant drive yet….you can still help out! Try organizing awareness at your own school by putting up posters, or talking to your principal about bringing in recycling or such. :)

Best answer:

Answer by Evita Rodham Clinton
Why bother? All “awareness” results in is a bunch of useless sloganeering at best and idiotic fads at worse. Like “one square of toilet tissue per poop”.

If you really want to put your passions to work you could tell your Congresshuman that you will run against them in the next election if they continue to accept donations from companies with operations in polluting countries like China and India and if they continue to sit on their hands while Indonesia and Brazil level the rain forests in favor of biofuel croplands.

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Nov 242011

Question by Name Unavailable: I have a question about the order of the days of the week concerning astrology and religious observances:?
Some esoteric orders follow the days of the week according to a septagram (heptagram) and attribute planetary dominion over them.

For example, we now follow: Sunday (sun), Monday (moon), Tuesday (mars), Wednesday (mercury), Thursday (jupiter), Friday (venus) and Saturday (saturn).

Aside from the Chaldean order of the days of the week; historically or presently has there ever been a different observance in accordance with astrological phenomena? Possibly starting the days of the week according to the worship of different planetary rulers? Anything in the subjects of religious observance, ancient calendars, alchemy, astrology and mysticism.

Best answer:

Answer by Blunt,to the point &comic satire
I follow the daylight/nighttime observance. Also the hot season/cold season shifts. Seems to be enough.

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Oct 062011

Question by linda2325300: Any good tips im becoming a new car salesman in 1 week ,,,,,,,help?
New job for me please give me good tips

Best answer:

Answer by lucky2bealive
Look…nobody can get really good at anything in one week. Learn as much as you can, establish a good network and work you butt off….you’ll be fine.

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Oct 052011

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Aug 152011

Question by Cactus Jack: What happened to Nancy Pelosi’s prediction last week that the Dems would win most races?
She said that you could “take it to the bank”. Did the bank loan her any money on that prediction?

Best answer:

Answer by lrd00a
It was Bank of America, and she was foreclosed on.

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Jul 042011

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Jun 182011

For a week, Jerusalem’s contested and fractious Old City lightens up
JERUSALEM — When night falls on the Old City of Jerusalem this week, the walled enclave sheds its role as one of the world’s most contested pieces of real estate to become a luminous carnival of art installations and performances. Jerusalem’s Festival of Lights, now in its third year, illuminates an area known more for religious friction and clashing political claims than for art or nightlife …
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Prague to host world premiere of Vivaldi’s lost opera
PRAGUE, June 18 – A Prague festival will host the world premiere of Antonio Vivaldi’s opera L’Unione della Pace, e di Marte, following its reconstruction by a Czech expert 284 years after its only performance. “It’s a specific genre of Baroque opera, shorter, which is called ‘la serenata’ and which was composed for a specific occasion at that …
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I feared my World Cup dream was wrecked, reveals Cueto following fracas with Day
The final months before a World Cup represent a tense, sudden-death phase for players — a time when a tear or break, strain or pull, punch or stamp, can destroy the dream. In that sense, Mark Cueto has managed to dodge two bullets with his name on them.
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Jun 052011

JOAN ANDERSON, 80, of Rogue River died Friday, May 27, 2011 at her home surrounded by her husband and children. No services will be held. Grants Pass Funeral Alternatives is in charge of arrangements. She was born October 12, 1930 in Concrete, Washington.
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Ashley Cole spotted wearing wedding ring
Cheryl Cole’s ex-husband Ashley Cole has been spotted out-and-about sporting his wedding ring.
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May 292011

Male Athlete of the Week: Colton Buffington
Colton Buffington, WESTLAKE TENNIS Buffington won the Division I Oberlin District title to advance to state. Buffington is currently undecided about where he is going to college. His favorite athlete is Roger Federer and his favorite team is the Cavs. Buffington’s favorite movie is Happy Gilmore and has a superstition of listening to his I-Pod before every match.
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Philosophy Lite: Atheist defiant in the face of death
By Raymond Smith
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