Jan 042013

Question by Turnoffgrowl: What schools provide good Post bac programs for students with limited sciences?
I graduated with a BA in psych but have limited science experience. Recently I’ve developed a strong interest in pursuing a career in neuroscience or neurophysiology. What post bac programs are good for someone with my interests and background?

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Answer by anonymous
The AAMC website allows you to browse post bac programs by their purpose, location, and whether or not you’d like some sort of certification. You’d probably do well to search under the career changers category since many of those schools will focus on actually teaching the sciences and not enhancing grades. Good luck!

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Dec 012010

Question by akis: Can someone rank the top rated Biological sciences or neuroscience universities on the East Coast?
I am looking to either go into biology, psychology, or neuroscience as my major in college. I know that Ivy league schools are the best for these subjects but how are other Universities such as Boston U or Stony Brook or Rutgers in comparison to each other?

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Answer by Peter H
You can find top listing of biology college courses in this site – findcollege.hotusa.org
It also has info about each, tips to apply and which salary should you expect (to comparison)

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Jul 062010

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