Aug 042013

Question by yo yo itz alex :) : Is there an actual name for the plastic circle thing that goes around six packs of soda ?
my little brother is using this in his story about earth day and doesnt know what to call it . if you dont what the plastic thing im talking about is … itz the thing love lace got stuck around his neck by the “mystic beings” in happy feet . please help !

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Answer by Friendly Neighborhood Atheist
The holder? I know what you’re talking about but i’ve never really thought about it.

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Nov 152011
by Joe_13

Question by micky: where can i buy plastic studs for my nike tiempo mystic boots?
i bought a pair of nike tiempo mystic or air legend(what ever u call it) and they have metal in the bottom. i cant find them any where plz help me!

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Answer by gods bird
you can buy cheap nike shoes with High Quality, Competitive Price,
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Aug 152011

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