Jun 152013
by Cayusa

Question by Door: FMA: How do they keep using equivalent exchange?
I just started watching Fullmetal Alchemist and I’ve noticed that every time a character uses alchemy, they aren’t using the laws of equivalent exchange. Even the Alfonse brothers don’t use it and they blame others for abusing it. How are they fixing things that are broken without using anything to give? How are they making false gold and then reverting it back? Its just really confusing me that they keep pushing equivalent exchange and then it seems like they’re doing the same thing. Why do they need the philosophers stone if they’re doing alchemy without one?

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Answer by ß5☆★
I always wondered that myself. its supposed to give something to get something in exchange but he keeps getting swords out of nowhere.

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May 232012

Question by : Mah Story: Is it any good? Should I keep writing?
The beginning: (Only a small portion)
I doodled mindlessly in my notebook, making random shapes and patterns. My History teacher was droning on about World War II. Ugh. Like I hadn’t heard that stuff before. I was almost 174 years old. I was alive during World War II. Anyway, she was going on and on and on and on and on and on… about four mystery kids that saved us all.
How they saved 3852 men and woman’s lives during the bombings. I f she knew that all four were in the classroom right now, she would freak out. It just so happens that I’m one of them. Do you want to know how I’m still alive, after all this time? Yes? No? I’m telling you anyway.
* * *

Anyway, Its about four girls that are gifted with special ability’s. The government try to control them and mold them into weapons. When they refuse, it turns into an action showdown, racing against the clock, for the girls to save the world. It’s actually pretty good.

Main character:
Annikia Ford
Gena Swanson
Ashley Summers
Miranda Johnston

Any ideas? Should I keep writing it? If so, what should the title be? I have almost 21 chapters written.
Hmm… It has some very good plot twists. In my opinion. I was wondering, where can I get myself published?

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Answer by Crazii gal
yes please finish it and publish it that would be awesome as long as they aren’t vampires that stuff is too cliche now and a title umm i dunno how about The Gifted Curse-sorry i know its a crap title but yeah its all i can think of now can you answer mine- http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;_ylt=AtK4Oz6EU7oCGg8gGpUtrsXsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100615110807AAS3SI7

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Jan 262012

Question by Dr. Evil: I was a victim of serious vicious assaults. How do I keep my spirituality in a life sentence of pain?
I don’t want anyone to feel sorry for me. I’m a white male. Twice a complete racist stranger snuck up behind me and broke my jaw eleven years apart for no reason and no one paid for the crimes, adding to the fury I feel. After numerous surgeries where the doctors only added to the problem, I am left virtually useless in the working world unable speak or even breathe properly. My jaw feels like it’s in a vice and most of the facial and neck muscles in the left side of my face are useless. I served my country for three years in the military. No medications deal with the nerve damage and I am struggling to keep my spirituality and my sanity. I keep busy as often as I can, but all I feel is anger and resentment for those responsible. I have no respite for the pain and I can’t find a way to find my spiritual self.

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Answer by cmira4
Read your Bible. Let go and let God.

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Jan 182012

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Sep 302011

Question by Taleweaver: How do you keep magic mysterious while still revealing a lot about how it works to the reader?
I heard that the book Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell did this quite well, though it was ridiculously fat and boring and I gave up about 1/10 of the way into it (which was aproximately 10 million pages).

So yeah, how do you keep magic mysterious but understandable?

Best answer:

Answer by -take yer own advice-
Just keep it like a 10,000 year old legend would be told. Don’t go into its sciences and weird terms to describe exactly how it works, because nobody is ‘certain’.

You could have a wise person in the book tell the story of how magic came to be, who did it first, what happened to him, how he kept it alive within other people before he died… And then kind of say that the story was told thousands of times…

And just say that “she muttered unintelligible words and cast a freeze spell, and she ran away while she had the chance”, etc.

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Sep 142011

Question by The Invisible Hand/Illuminati: What religion exploits the emotion of fear to keep followers in line?
Almost every religion in the world uses some form of fear factor to make people act “morally”. Example the fear of hell, the fear of karma, and many more.

From your perspective what religion exploits the emotion of fear the most to keep followers in line?

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Answer by The Happy Atheist
The Abrahamic ones.

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Aug 162011

Question by Michael: How to keep from falling asleep during meditation?
I fall asleep 10 minutes into meditating, no matter what time of day it is. This is even after I have pulled 10 hours of night slumber. I am beyond desperation, PLEASE help me to not fall asleep in meditation!

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Answer by Genegee
Actually that is the time when you are most receptive when you fall asleep. I used to do that all the time and felt that l was doing something wrong and stopped doing meditation. Now that l am older l realize that even when asleep something is happening the only thing is that you just do not know what it is.

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Jul 142011

Question by Sound_of_the_silenced: What is this mystic creature of Capitalism I keep hearing about?
The fact is government has been involoved in the economy for 100s of years. Yet everyone finds reasons to blame Capitalism. A system we havent used since before FDR.

So why does Capitalism get the blame when we dont even practice it anymore?

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Answer by Sarah Palin

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May 042011

Question by rosabearr “): What the best way to keep your big mouth from being so open minded?
I have problem. I noticed today and in all my past jobs. I seem lose them easy as, I always say they come & go. I think it probably because i am so open minded about everything. I talk freely but, it like it bluries out. I had orienation at macys so I work in gift wrap soon. I need ways to prevent my self from being center attention in words….

Best answer:

Answer by Steve C
Add a quality control step to everything you say. Think and then speak. At the workplace, it must be a requirement to control your words in an appropriate manner.

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