Mar 162014

Question by I Love Cheese!: How does something as material and unconscious as matter go on to create something as ?
immaterial as consciousness? Are atoms conscious? Is consciousness an emergent process of lower chemical and biological processes of the brain?
I AM aware of astrophysics, biophysics, and the like. This is why consciousness is so fascinating. As much as people would like to chalk it up to some kind of random act of nature, anyone with a bit of sense can see that it’s not.

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Answer by **blah**
why shouldn’t consciousness be just a sense that was activated or created by the mind for survival and communication?

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Sep 272013

Question by Learner: How do atoms and molecules create consciousness?
How does an engineered collection of atoms and molecules cause consciousness to emerge?
By engineered, I just mean arranged in a specific precise manner.
@Zaphod_Beeblebrox: LOL, I know, but still… :) I had to ask. :)

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Answer by Zaphod_Beeblebrox
1) If any of us knew that we’d be shoe-in for a Nobel prize.

2) Who says that atoms and molecules are “engineered” unless you take the view that evolution itself is a form of engineering, albeit a slow and patient one?

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Apr 252013

Question by Madam Mercy: Why do God related religions create a “conscience” but not “consciousness”?
Many people have the false notion that “conscience” & “consciousness” are the same.

The root is one, but they are 2 separate branches moving in diametrically opposite directions.

“Conscience” IS forced on you by others.

“Consciousness” is an evolution rising from your own depths to the ultimate heights.

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Answer by Darrin
Your conscience speaks to you about things of morality, nothing else. How does that happen?
When you steal something, your conscience tells you its wrong. Conscience comes from two words con=with and science=knowledge….So everytime you do something wrong you do it with knowledge that it is wrong………..>

Consciousness just means you are awake or alert or alive…….>

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Sep 112012

Question by askyourmind: Did matter evolve to create consciousness or did consciousness evolve to create matter?
Said another way, the Spiritual world is said to be nonphysical in nature and exists independently from matter. That is, the physical world would not exist if there was no one (sentient beings) there to perceive it. The Spiritual world is also said to be infinite and not subject to the constraints of linear time, death, or decay.

Conversely, the physical world is defined by its limitations. Everything is composed of the same material, but differences in configuration, finite dimensions and measurable attributes are what distinguish one thing from another. Thus: Spiritual world = infinite. Physical world = finite. Mathematically, we know that the infinite can not be produced from the finite; but, the finite can be produced from the infinite. So, did matter (finite) evolve to create consciousness (infinite) or did Spiritual consciousness and perception (infinite) evolve to create matter (finite)?

Let the intellectual jousting begin – - have fun!

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Answer by General Dogbitz
at first glance your question appears plausible.

then I read it.

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Mar 302012

Question by Isaiah 57: Why have the Christians failed to create a functional religion?
The Bhuddists have created hard working and peaceful people

The Hindus have created inspirational and emotionally healthy people

The Jews have created a people who have a lot of virtue with very little pride

The Taoists have created a culture that judges people by their actions and not by their appearance or religion

The Mystics have paved a way to emotional and psychological healing for people that society has rejected as unfixable

What have positive characteristics have Christians passed on to society?

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Answer by John West
Christianity gives people a false sense of security, thats about it.

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Jan 042012

Question by locked: How do I create smooth edges using the magic wand?
I am trying to use the magic wand while switching the background that people may have in their pictures. I can easily get the background out of the picture, BUT the people I am trying to move to another background look really choppy because stuff like their arms are not smooth after I make the neccesary cuts.

How to I smooth out the picture of the people? Anti-aliasing is not working with the magic wand! How do i use feathering?

Please help me.


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Answer by Daniel G
If your talking about Photo Shop, sometimes using the background eraser tool takes the background out closer to the edge. To smooth out you could use the smudge tool.

Cheers! Dan.

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Dec 272011

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