Question by Tupac: What are the specific laws of which we must move through the paths of the universe?
the law of the universe is the law of perception to consciousness in the mind as perceived of reality.
I flip a coin, there are two sides, you judge the chance of heads or tails as 50/50 because you perceive the coin to land two ways, but only at one time… else there would be more than one coin. Lets say if the law of the universe is that each time the coin must land on heads and tails but only one of these will be perceived by the observer… then how could you be cheating yourself by restricting your belief to an assumption that there is always a 50/50 chance to you? Could there be a way to choose which reality you want to observe? Of course your choice of reality would be restricted to what other observers expect to be realistic odds or 50/50… but if i kept observing 100% heads and choose that as my observation, and other observers kept track, would their record differ completely from moment to moment to my observation, yet to them always remain constant as 50/50 odds?
We observe something to either exist or not exist. We know for sure that consciousness exists because we observe ourselves to be so, but reality appears to be relative to observation, because what reality exists where there is not consciousness to observe? We assume that our thoughts manifest from consciousness, and that we progress from not knowing to knowing of things which exist that we do not know of, or unknown possibilities from there being “odds” of something happening each day we do not know of, after we know, then it is a past event which has happened.
Could we be “there” in a sense, and our perception of being separate from others could be called “it”. So when we observe others we talk about “it”, or our perceived separate ness from others. It appears to me that “it” is simply the odds of something happening. So I see the universe could be viewed as many paths of which for each “possibility” that could happen, and the universe being infinite and timeless, is perceived through a filter of being finite and progressing through the paths of the universe according to specific laws.
For each choice you had, there had to be paths for each you may have chosen, as there must be for each choice you will have.
So if we have specific laws of which we must move through the universe, then how are we any different than planets who must follow their orbits?

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Answer by John
Mine is a two cent theory as any and all has to fall heads or tails, laws will be broken in all respects and eventually changed! Life is not based on luck but the energy of love! Its your choice how you spend your time!

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