Question by RandiVoo: T.S. Eliot and the Stream of Consciousness.. Help, please?
My term paper is “the style of stream of consciousness in the writings of T.S. Eliot”. Does anyone know the main environmental influences that led him to use that technique? Or not necessarily environmental, just what influences led him to use it? I’ve been looking through books and searching it all over the internet but everything was so broad and I couldn’t limit the topic. It’s giving me such a hard time and I havent even started yet!
I’d appreciate as much help as possible =)

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Answer by groucho marxist
I think stream of consciousness isn’t really consciousness, since that is undefinable, but a stream of thought, either memories of events that are similar and form a chain of events, or a line of logic uninhibited by societal conditioning, or maybe both logic and memory. When we are creative we use the right side of our brain that is less conditioned and freer than the left side, and this is very common with of course doing art, like poetry. So I don’t think TS Eliot was doing anything different from other writers and poets. I think the way he wrote made it more apparent. I suspect it was an hallucinogenic, like grass, that showed him how to do this during the 60’s hippie subculture, which a lot of artist where using then.

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