Question by Nick: Should i take physics Hon or an Ap science class next year?
Hi everyone, thanks to my school being so organize and great at time management, i got my course selection sheet today, and they are due this following Monday ( yay). Well here’s some background- i’m going to be a senior and I go to an environmental science magnet which makes us take 6+ science credits- a the moment the science classes i’ve taken are Biology, Chemistry, Ap environmental science, and Marine science ( all hon except environmental science), and next year my magnet is forcing me to take another two science courses ( which i have no problems with, i enjoy science).

Now I’m wondering, should i take AP bio/chem, or should i take Physics Honors? Will not taking physics affect my transcript in any way? or will it be better if i take an Ap science course? I’ll aprreciate any answer

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Answer by The Missy
Take AP bio. Ap classes are better because they look great on college apps. Its also a fun class. And taking this class shouldn’t affect your transcript because it falls under the same science category as physics, but whats best is that it’s AP. Hope this helps.

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