Question by Lady Morgana: Pagans: do you believe the gods and goddesses are sentient beings, archetypes, or other?
Also, do you believe in the existence of the Summerlands? Do you believe that your consciousness continues to exist after you die?
just FYI, I am a pagan, a pantheist, and a non-Wiccan Witch, and I am interested in the beliefs of my fellow pagans. Blessings, LM

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Answer by Auntie Christosaur »rawr!«
Eclectic pagan here… I’m a pantheist who believes that gods and goddesses are archetypal manifestations of specific energies. By giving them names, and making them a part of our mythologies, we make them meaningful and relevant to our lives. It’s that way for me, but definitely different for others.

I don’t believe in the concept of the Summerlands, leaning more towards reincarnation as my afterlife speculation of choice. It makes more sense to me.

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