Question by Vitaly: I am terrible at Physics, but I would love to major in Computer Science.?
I love computers and programming and all. The technology and the way things work with a computer language is just amazing. I am an incoming freshman this fall and wondering, physics…My worst subject in my whole history of schooling! I had a B allllll year during my senior year. Absolute terrible….But math is all good to me. Calculus, I can do it! But Physics…what do you all think? Any stories you have or people you know that do not like physics but still came through with computer science major?

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Answer by Matt Hintzke
Do you actually not like physics? Or are you just not good at applying the math you learn to real world physics problems? If that is the reason then I would stick to it, because physics is hard, I am a Mechanical Engineering major (and actually might switch to CS myself) and I have to take the exact same physics classes that CS majors do. My advice would be to continue trying and eventually I am sure your brain will just “click” one day and you will understand it better. Plus, a B is not bad at all. I myself hate chemistry, but had to take a year of it my freshman year which was terrible, got two C’s. Both were the worst grades I have ever gotten in school. So stick with it and you will be ok.

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