Question by The Answer: FullMetal Alchemist questions! Need answers (easy 10 points)?
History Portion

1.) Prior to the recent reemergence of the old assembly our fair country of Amestris was run by a single ruler who brought us through many of our countries greatest wars and gained most of the land area. What was the name of our previous leader?

2.) What was the reasoning behind the reemergence of the old assembly?

3.) One of the greatest minds of our time The Sewing Life Alchemist made many breakthroughs in the alchemical study of the creation of chimeras. What was Sewing Life’s birth name?

4.) The Fullmetal Alchemist made many discoveries in the fields of taboo alchemy. His studies focused mostly around the creation of the Philosopher’s Stone. One such discovery was the method of creating a Homunculus. Give details on how to create one.(anime)

Geography Portion

1.) What city is also known as the auto-mail capital of the world?

2.) Which Country boarders to the North of Amestris?

3.) From the Eastern Boarder of Amestris across the desert lies which country?

4.) What is the name of the Capitol city of Amestris.

Matching Portion

Match the following Alchemists with their respective powers/achievements.

A. Roy Mustang
B. Alex Louise Armstrong
C. Edward Elric
D. Shou Tucker
E. Tim Marco
F. Zolf J. Kimbley
G. Alphonse Elric

___ This alchemist studied the makeup of the Philosopher’s Stone, and was the first to create proxy stones for the state military.

___ This alchemist although not officially part of the military was well regarded for his ability to create whirlwinds and the ability to transmute a portion of his soul into inanimate objects.

___ This alchemist’s ability is of an artistic style that is passed down his family line for generations.

___ This alchemist passed the state examination at the age of 12 through the presentation of his alchemical abilities without the use of a transmutation circle.

___ This alchemist uses special ignition cloth and the oxygen in the air around him to set the air ablaze in an explosive manner.

___ This alchemist rearranged the molecules in almost any substance to that of a disrupted unstable state making anything around this man a virtual time bomb.

___ This alchemist studied and made large advances in the study and creation of chimeras. Creating the very first chimera that could speak the human tongue.

Please answer as many as you can. Please clearly state what question your answering. The most who answers simply gets 10 points!

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