Question by hanyou1: Full metal alchemist. Going insane! 10 points?
Hi. I’m super confused about the order of FMA. Does it go season one fma season two fma then brother hood? Or am I missing something like a movie or episode. I watched 51 episodes and it said full metal alchemist on the set cover. I’m suuuuper confused and really want to see what happens next!!!! EEEP! I hate when I can’t watch something right away especially if it was interesting. I’m going INSANE as I type. Lol
Thx a bunch!!!

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Answer by tiffany xue
FMA and FMAB are completely different series. You could say FMA is a spin-off plot with the movie Conqueror of Shamballa as a sequel, while FMAB is based off of the manga and has the movie The Sacred Star of Milos as the sequel.

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