Question by Peqo: first time mystic tanning?
do you need to purchase tanning lotion to get a mystic tan (to help you when you’re mystic tanning)?
do you have to pay for the lotion they give you to put on your fingernails and hands and feet?
do you put this lotion all over your body or just your hands and feet?
it’s my first time mystic tanning…please give me some pointers. how long does it last etc…I have medium skin there a specific color I have to ask for…are there levels of darkness?

thank you!

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Answer by Taryn
there are 3 levels. usually they will pick for you (they know lol) or they might ask you. And if they do, ask them what they think. (I did and it turned out ok) You don’t need any tanning lotion or anything and you don’t pay for the lotion they give you.

When I went, what you do is u get in whatever you wanna wear in there, or wear nothing, then put this hair net on and you put lotion on your feet and fingernails and i think fingers. then get in the booth, press a button and stand a certain way and it sprays you. Then it will beep or just stop and u turn around, it sprays you then when it stops… Get out, towel dry it off, but kinda like rub it in also… Its easy. and cheap

But when I went I got level 2 of tanning and holy crap I turned orange! But Then another time I went I did level 1 and I was fine. So just make sure you get the right color. (I’m super white by the way, so i think you’ll be ok)

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