Question by DK: What’s a good Science essay topic for science: physics of motion and … ?
I have to write 5 short essays for my end of semester culminating project for science class. The 5 essay topics have to be based on Physics of Motion, Chemistry, Weather Dynamics and Ecology.

What are some good topics for each of those categories?

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Answer by Bad Brain Punk
Um, that’s 4 topics.

My suggestions:
Physics = “How do anti-lock brakes work?” = physics and friction.
Chemistry = “Where do plastics come from?” = oil!
Weather Dynamics = “How does weather differ from climate?” = people often confuse one with the other.
Ecology = “Could America’s Great Plains be used as a big game preserve?” = scientists have proposed introducing threatened animals like giraffes and cheetahs to abandoned farmland in the US to preserve the species.

And lastly, “Why counting to 5 is an important life skill.”

You can google these things for the details.

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