Question by Mike P: What kind of references should I be looking for if I want to study neuroscience?
I’m actually a young man looking for a book or course online for studying neuroscience.

I’m 17 and I’m extremely interested in furthering my knowledge of this subject!

I don’t know if I am doing it for a right reason or not, but I am truly intrigued of the brain!

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Answer by treebird
The pursuit of learning about anything you are interested in is the “right reason” and there is certainly a lot to learn about how the brain works. Just look for books at your local library, bookstore, or used bookstore and look online for websites. Depending on your current level of knowledge there are professional journals that might be of interest.

Brain Facts (A 64 page primer on the brain and nervous system in .pdf -3MB):

Journal of Neuroscience Online:

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