Question by Marcus: What Kind of Degree Should i Get? Planetary Science, Physics Or Computer Science?
I am torn between Planetary Science, Physics Or Computer Science. What would be the best path in Life? Salary and Job wise. I have not started High School and i need to know what classes to take next year

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Answer by odimwitdwon
It is delusional to actually BELIEVE you are ready for adult decisions and life choices. Keep your options open.
Somehow your mental state allows you to believe you are ready to make this kind of adult decision. Wow. There are and will continue to be many more jobs is CS than in Physics and forget Planetary Science (whatever that is – lol)
Try some different things until you’re sure what you like. I just love you kids pretending to be adults. Wow. you haven’t started high school and are already asking about what college courses/major you “should” get. Well, if you had the capability, I’d suggest you go with a concentration on physics until your junior year in college. Then decide between those majors which you really enjoy.
Rule 1. Accentuate the positive ( focus on that which you’re good at),
Rule 2 Its about loving what you do.

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