Question by Vamp: What is an incantation that will turn me into either a werewolf or a vampire?
Don’t give me stupid answers cuz i will report u…i want serious answers and serious answers only…what is an incantation that will make me a vampire…or a werewolf…doesn’t matter…either one…or you can just give me a website that i can look on..

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Answer by Adan
OK you sit on the ground where you can carve so grass or mud or dirt wont work cause that wont be stable enough so in your house or on concrete you make a diamond shaped symbol big enough for you to lay in it then you put a soul in a jar on each corner of the diamond (you need to find the souls your self) then you lay in the diamond and mutter a short prayer to the man downstairs and bam your good to go don’t do this in the day if your going for a vampire cause you will die in a second or so.

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