Question by Solveiga: What happens in the brain when you lose consciousness?
So, what happens in the brain that neurons decide that the brain should cope with the problem without the human himself? I was in a car accident some time ago and i was unconscious for like 15 mins till the ambulance came. I lost consciousness when i fell from the bonnet to the ground and hit my head. Today i was wondering – how the brain decides that it needs to switch off? I suppose the conciousness and the changes of it is controlled by the medulla.. But is it the hit, the pain or the shock of the whole situation that makes the neurons decide what to do?
I’d like to hear a scientiffic explanation.

Oh, i just realized that it could be due to too heavy stimulation of the neurons or of too big number of neurons stimulated at once?

Thanks for everyone answering

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Answer by frogger3222000
don’t know

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