by gbaku

The World Awakens to the Divine

Awakening To the divine is a phenomenon that is sweeping across the globe awakening everyone one in it’s path. The presence of this wonderful energy is not for just a chosen few. Divine energy is for everyone on this earth. Divine energy has no preconception of race, creed or color. The divine energy is hear to flow through everyone all the same.

Divine energy has the power to awaken the believer and the skeptic as well. Once the divine awakening process starts you make a strong turn towards the light. Your life takes on a whole new meaning. That eventually turns into the prelude of the realization of who you truly are. You will be living in a higher vibration where joy, happiness and bliss are living. Your fears and worries will fade into the distance until eventually they will be gone. You will be living in the element of the divine.


The world is going through many changes preparing to except these higher vibrations, just as we are. People all over the world are awakening to the divine grace of oneness. People are beginning to feel and let go and allow the divine energy to flow with amazing changes taking place in there lives.


How will your life change when you begin to allow the divine energy to flow and you discover the true nature of this beautiful universe? How are you going to feel when the divine responds to all of your hearts desires?

Deeksha or divine energy is not a religion or some fad that will disappear, this energy is here to stay. The divine is here to help humanity go through this next evolution of human existence. We are living in a time that is going to be pure ecstasy. Despite all of the mayhem, environmental destruction, religious narrow-mindedness and political greed that has been plaguing this magnificent world for much of human history. The human race is preparing for the biggest evolutionary jump of all time. We have been getting clues from mystics and scientists for many years now.

Receiving and letting go of our restrictions to allow divine energy to flow is for us to prepare for this evolution that is upon us. We have been trying to tear down the wall of the mind that separates us from the divine since Eve ate the forbidden fruit. It is God or the divine, beginning to lift the veil for us to go through this evolutionary time to a higher consciousness. Divine energy is not only changing the world, it is changing lives.

Bryan J. Johnson is a published poet and is currently in the process of writing his first book about techniques you can use to have a positive outlook about your life and to begin the process of manifesting the life you dream of. Bryan J. Johnson has studied metaphysics for over twenty years and understands the importance of thinking positive and that everyone has the power to manifest there dreams. With his wife Maria they run www.amazingmindsnow.com where you can find plenty of free advice on self improvement and manifesting the life you dream of. Bryan and his wife are currently in the process of putting together a self help course on positive thinking that they will offer at www.amazingmindsnow.com.

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