The Secret to Enduring Allure!

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The fundamental law of human achievement is the law of belief. This law suggests that you always behave in a manner consistent with your beliefs.

It’s actually very simple. If you believe you can ride a bicycle, you can. Even if you can’t ride a bicycle, as long as you believe you can, you can; you will continually persist after falling until you can actually ride. Even though we are all capable of riding a bicycle, once you believe you can’t, you simply can’t!

The same logic applies to all other beliefs in our life. If you believe you can drive a car, be creative, set goals, look beautiful, become a consultant, a first rate manager at an accounting firm or an able team leader at a big software company, be able to devise a fool-proof marketing strategy, sell well, negotiate, be a leader, understand the financial implications of a business, manage your stock well, even earn millions, etc., you will actually do all these things and more.

On the contrary, if you suffer from a self-limiting belief that you just can’t do it, you never will. Even if your belief may not be based on absolute fact; you simply won’t be able to do it. I have witnessed this in countless women. Their negative beliefs about themselves become their biggest impediments in life.

Fact is that as long as you believe you can, you will make all the necessary efforts. You will then hang on to that belief, despite setbacks, until your beliefs become your reality — your self-fulfilling prophecy.

Think about one thing that you absolutely can’t do without. Do you believe you can have it? If not, what are your reasons? Stop, pause and analyze (but do not overanalyze) what is holding you back from unleashing the power of that dream into your life. Then do whatever is needed to realize that dream because unfulfilled dreams can be like those festering sores in our lives that will always give you pain and discomfort. They will come back to haunt you again and again, like the resurrected ghosts from an exhumed past. Get out of that situation fast and now.

Once you have identified the beliefs and assumptions that are holding you back, you can use this information to propel yourself forward on the path to your goals and inspired dreams. The key here is to just take action. This is where most of us women in America fall short. We might think we believe something, but we never take action. Who cares what others think? Just start taking steps to be yourself and let your uniqueness blossom.

Fortunately, you can use the same power of self-fulfilling prophecy that once held you back to build your confidence and extreme attractiveness factor to massively increase the likelihood of your success in everything that you want to do and accomplish in your life. So, enough of struggling with life’s struggles; enough of overanalyzing everything; enough of struggling to fit it; enough of constantly comparing yourself to other women; enough of worrying about making a faux pas; enough of self-sabotage; enough of punishing yourself when you eat that delicious dessert; and most importantly enough of trying to fix yourself!

Yes, it’s time to embrace your narcissistic pleasures and inner happiness! You deserve it. Now, I’m not telling you to go to extremes. This approach is a thing of the past based upon your self-deprecating thoughts and actions. Moderation and cultivation of your actions and being is the key. Complete control over your mind and body is no longer necessary. Be authentic in who you are and show up without apology. Make choices that are truly meaningful to you.

Are you game for it?

You now have the Secret to Enduring Allure in your hands.

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